to hazard

at risk; liable to suffer damage or loss.

See also: Hazard

References in classic literature ?
We have seen, however, that it has not had thus far an extensive prevalency; that even in this country, where it made its first appearance, Pennsylvania and North Carolina are the only two States by which it has been in any degree patronized; and that all the others have refused to give it the least countenance; wisely judging that confidence must be placed somewhere; that the necessity of doing it, is implied in the very act of delegating power; and that it is better to hazard the abuse of that confidence than to embarrass the government and endanger the public safety by impolitic restrictions on the legislative authority.
Few persons will be so visionary as seriously to contend that military forces ought not to be raised to quell a rebellion or resist an invasion; and if the defense of the community under such circumstances should make it necessary to have an army so numerous as to hazard its liberty, this is one of those calamaties for which there is neither preventative nor cure.
Many risks can be calculated by mathematics (hazard X exposure to hazard = risk).
Salah, two years the Belgian's junior, is playing in a much more adventurously coached, attacking side, but, even so, he looks on a different level to Hazard, 27.
Indeed, OSHA's standards are replete with references to hazard identification, such as the process safety analysis under the PSM standard, identification of electrical safety hazards, periodic review of lockout/tagout procedures, and recognition of fall prevention measures, to name just a few.
However, it is still useful for managers to think through the hierarchy as a routine approach to hazard control.
Those procedures, if used with as much tactical information as is available, can account for many of the uncertainties related to hazard estimation and force protection.
In cases where OSHA senses a lack of employer commitment to hazard reduction, the agency traditionally moves quickly to mandate such programs.
Rudi Garcia said the approach in 2011 was made over the phone by the Blues owner to Hazard in front of him and players at Lille's training ground.