to learn by heart

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to memorize.
- Pope.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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At first, being little accustomed to learn by heart, the lessons appeared to me both long and difficult; the frequent change from task to task, too, bewildered me; and I was glad when, about three o'clock in the afternoon, Miss Smith put into my hands a border of muslin two yards long, together with needle, thimble, &c., and sent me to sit in a quiet corner of the schoolroom, with directions to hem the same.
But the Doctor, after hearing their story, doesn't make much of it, and only gives them thirty lines of Homer to learn by heart, and a lecture on the likelihood of such exploits ending in broken bones.
All this will show you how much Mowgli had to learn by heart, and he grew very tired of saying the same thing over a hundred times.
Ms Khoosat elaborated on the efforts the Olomopolo team had put forward into making it easy for the children to learn by heart the Punjabi rhymes of the play.
"We have had 11 pieces to learn by heart in eight part harmonies, including the much-loved 'Sleep', which will end the concert.
Kennedy presented the school a copy of her book, 'Poems to Learn by Heart.' A graduate of Harvard and Columbia Law School, she has edited books on constitutional law, American history, politics and poetry.
The book uses rhyming couplets to tell the story and many of the lines will quickly get stuck in your head, and this could easily be something for children to learn by heart. The story evokes the sights and smells of school--'plasticine, custard and newly washed hair'--as the reader follows Nell's quest to find the missing books.
Sulaiman Al-Askari, head of the center, said the aim of modern education is to help people be able to think freely and innovate not to learn by heart. Due to cultural illiteracy, there are graduates who fail to play positive roles in the society, he added.
"Participants in the first category, be they Emiratis or residents, need to memorise the Holy Quran in full (30 parts) whereas applicants for the second and third branches have to learn by heart 20 and ten parts in turn," Bu Melha said.
The poem I first think of, from childhood, was the one we were forced to learn by heart, Blake's 'Tiger, tiger, burning bright, In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry?' I promise you, I didn't even have to google that.
There were well known definitions which we had to learn by heart and two of them have remained in my memory for nearly 60 years and are closely related to the assault on retired officer Len Jones.
Ngayon kapag may scenes ako mga 12 lang, pero 'pag nag-lead ako tingin ko hindi ko pa kaya to learn by heart 'yung mga lines and for sure kapag lead ka may mga drama scenes and hindi pa ako ready.