to pander to

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To appeal to (base emotions or less noble desires), so as to achieve one's purpose; to exploit (base emotions, such as lust, prejudice, or hate).

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References in classic literature ?
As it rarely happens that public opinion, in its whimsical flights, does not identify a principle with a man, thus the people saw the personification of the Republic in the two stern figures of the brothers De Witt, those Romans of Holland, spurning to pander to the fancies of the mob, and wedding themselves with unbending fidelity to liberty without licentiousness, and prosperity without the waste of superfluity; on the other hand, the Stadtholderate recalled to the popular mind the grave and thoughtful image of the young Prince William of Orange.
But he hasn't borne the Roman yoke as I have, nor yet he hasn't been required to pander to your depraved appetite for miserly characters.
Candidate Trump has gone so far to pander to the gun lobby, he's even invoked gun-toting action movie characters," Meyers said, playing a clip of Trump referencing old movie stars such as Charles Bronson to clarify his affinity for weapons.
How is it bold to pander to voters without doing anything to address underlying causes?
An ordinary hard-working taxpayer who is paying attention might have thought the nation's highest paid elected government would have at least come clean and confessed to how it surrendered its authority to pander to the IBEW and intends to pander to all the other unions.
Asian student Dean Velani, 18, accused the Tory leader of 'shambolic opportunism to pander to Middle England'.
The Red Cross missed an opportunity to educate the public and instead chose to pander to the imaginary fears of the public.
Mr Trimble is continuing to pander to the `No' camp.
A mayor whose first instinct isn't to pander to the public-employee unions.
The current political debate is significant as an indicator of how much certain political candidates are willing to pander to gay voters, They don't really have a sincere commitment to our civil rights, and I doubt they'll do much to advance the cause in the future, no matter who is elected.