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also gun·nel  (gŭn′əl)
n. Nautical
The upper edge of the side of a vessel. See Usage Note at boatswain.

[So called because guns were mounted on it.]
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(ˈɡʌnəl) or


1. (Nautical Terms) nautical the top of the side of a boat or the topmost plank of a wooden vessel
2. full to the gunwales completely full; full to overflowing
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or gun•nel

(ˈgʌn l)

the upper edge of the side or bulwark of a vessel.
[1425–75; late Middle English gunne whele; see gun1, wale]
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Noun1.gunwale - wale at the top of the side of boatgunwale - wale at the top of the side of boat; topmost planking of a wooden vessel
strake, wale - thick plank forming a ridge along the side of a wooden ship
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[ˈgʌnl] Nborda f, regala f
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[ˈgʌnl] n (Naut) → falchetta
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Like all VW cars today the Golf range is packed to the gunnels with safety and security features like antilock braking, electronic stability control, cruise control, automatic postcollision braking system, ample airbags and much more.
"Mini and junior sections at clubs are packed to the gunnels on a Sunday morning now because they are making a decision that even though there is a bit of risk involved in this game - perhaps a little bit more than other games - the benefits for the child and the benefits and values the game stands for are worth buying into," Cosslett said.
It was packed to the gunnels with memorabilia and the fact it was all hidden away was probably a reflection on what had gone on before.
"We reckon we can cope with this for the next two or three years but then we're going to be full to the gunnels."
Years after I'd left home my old bedroom remained intact, stuffed to the gunnels with teddies and schoolbooks, old make-up and shoes.
The train I was booked on was cancelled which obviously meant the next one was packed to the gunnels with poor uncomfortable customers.
My triumph was short-lived though when she got up and displayed her magnificent figure all wrapped-up in a tight-fitting, fluffy, chocolate swirl of a dress, leaving me, stuffed to the gunnels, feeling sick...
Our eighth year of campaigning has been packed to the gunnels with great stories, great achievements and great people - just take a look through today's special supplement.
Their trip came after a personal plea from their father Prince Charles, who apparently told them it was "full to the gunnels" with the wounded who could use some morale boosting.
Dunblane's Victoria Hall was crammed to the gunnels with spring blooms, while the show benches proudly hosted some of Scotland's finest pans of snowdrops, crocus, cyclamen, iris and more besides.
It was the inaugural visit of the Columbus, a 420-passenger cruise ship filled to the gunnels with German tourists, a spectacle not seen in these parts since the days of great passenger steamships that petered out in the 1950s.