to the highest degree

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You can now see figures related to the highest degree held by teachers, as well as the ethnic breakdowns of teachers at the state, district and campus levels.
However, we can no longer bear the pressure because both BDI and PDSH attacked us to the highest degree. In other words, we have been more attacked by Albanians than Macedonians," said Hoxha.
Najdoski is sure that it is time for the opposition to actualize the questions on responsibility to the highest degree and hope that the leaders of the relevant parties will finally face each other and the public.
To me they should be well and truly honoured to the highest degree.
For three weeks in July, pre-professional apprentices, students ranging in age from their late teens to mid-20s, gather on the campus of the University of South Florida to push their skills to the highest degree. The focus of the program: versatility.
Using Census Bureau figures referring to the highest degree earned by people aged 35-44, the report points out that only 9 percent of associate degree holders earned less than $20,000 last year, whereas 19 percent of high school grads did.