to the hilt

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The handle of a weapon or tool.
to the hilt
To the limit; completely: played the role to the hilt.

[Middle English, from Old English.]
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إلى أقْصى حد، تماما، حتّى أذنيْهِ
teljes mértékbentotál


(hilt) noun
the handle, especially of a sword.
(up) to the hilt
up to the top; completely (sometimes undesirable). The glass was filled to the hilt; in debt up to the hilt.
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In the first place he himself furbished a sword, which he drew from its perfumed leather sheath; he examined it to see if its hilt was well guarded and if the blade was firmly attached to the hilt. Then he placed at the bottom of the valise belonging to the young man a small bag of louis, called Olivain, the lackey who had followed him from Blois, and made him pack the valise under his own eyes, watchful to see that everything should be put in which might be useful to a young man entering on his first campaign.
They made an imposing ad- venture of it, saying, "Hist!" every now and then, and suddenly halting with finger on lip; moving with hands on imaginary dagger-hilts; and giving orders in dismal whispers that if "the foe" stirred, to "let him have it to the hilt," because "dead men tell no tales." They knew well enough that the raftsmen were all down at the village laying in stores or having a spree, but still that was no excuse for their conducting this thing in an unpiratical way.
That's something Creamline took advantage to the hilt.
To the Hilt Sarasota-based skincare company House of Hilt is quickly making a name for itself thanks to its plant-based, filler-free, toxin-free products that actually work.
"The quality is there as they are the best players in Pakistan who are working very very hard and I back them to the hilt," said Arthur.
The defendant had plunged the knife into his neck right up to the hilt.
However, patients receiving TENS+US treatment had a greater reduction in VAS scores and ODI score at the end of treatment and 1 month later compared to the HILT group.
THE acting president of the Olympic Council of Ireland said the organisation will defend itself "to the hilt" following the arrest of Pat Hickey in Rio.
He is a Newcastle player now - and a local lad playing for his boyhood team, which is a rarity in itself these days - and I, for one will be backing him to the hilt when he pulls on that black-and-white shirt, just like I do for all our players,
WESTERN powers are prepared "to go to the hilt" to isolate Russia for its military incursion into Ukraine, US Secretary of State John Kerry has warned.
According to the Daily Mail, parents have slammed the bizarre ban, saying that a school which specialises in sport should 'back parents to the hilt' in supporting their children.