to the letter

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a. A written symbol or character representing a speech sound and being a component of an alphabet.
b. A written symbol or character used in the graphemic representation of a word, such as the h in Thames. See Note at Thames.
2. A written or printed communication directed to a person or organization.
3. often letters A certified document granting rights to its bearer.
4. Literal meaning: had to adhere to the letter of the law.
5. letters(used with a sing. verb)
a. Literary culture; belles-lettres.
b. Learning or knowledge, especially of literature.
c. Literature or writing as a profession.
6. Printing
a. A piece of type that prints a single character.
b. A specific style of type.
c. The characters in one style of type.
7. An emblem in the shape of the initial of a school awarded for outstanding performance, especially in varsity athletics.
v. let·tered, let·ter·ing, let·ters
1. To write letters on: lettered the paper.
2. To write in letters: lettered our name on the mailbox.
1. To write or form letters.
2. To earn a school letter, as for outstanding athletic achievement: She lettered in three collegiate sports.
to the letter
To the last detail; exactly: followed instructions to the letter.

[Middle English, from Old French lettre, from Latin littera, perhaps from Etruscan, from Greek diphtherā, hide, leather, writing surface.]

let′ter·er n.
Synonyms: letter, epistle, memorandum, missive, note
These nouns denote a written communication directed to another: received a letter of complaint; the Epistles of the New Testament; a memorandum outlining the attendance policy; a missive of condolence; a thank-you note.
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do písmene
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(ˈletə) noun
1. a mark expressing a sound. the letters of the alphabet.
2. a written message, especially sent by post in an envelope. She slowly took the letter from its envelope; Did you post my letter?
ˈlettering noun
1. the way in which letters are formed. the art of lettering.
2. letters which have been drawn, painted etc. He repainted the lettering over the shop door.
ˈletterbox noun
1. a slit in a door (sometimes with a box behind it) through which mail from the post is put. He put the card through the letterbox.
2. a postbox.
ˈletterhead noun
the name and address of a company, a person etc printed at the top of a piece of writing paper.
to the letter
precisely; according to every detail. He followed his father's instructions to the letter.
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He waited once more, to make sure of his own composure--and turned again to the letter, to see what the writer had to say for himself, in the way of explanation and excuse.
Even the specificity in attaching the names of individuals to problematic situations is not a feature unique to the Letter to Philemon.
The debtor's creditor, as letter of credit beneficiary, was benefited by the debtor's pledge of its certificate of deposit to the letter of credit issuing bank, which induced the bank to issue the letter of credit to the creditor.