toaster oven

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toaster oven

An electrical appliance that can be used as either a toaster or an oven.
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toast′er ov`en

an electrical appliance that functions as both an oven and a toaster.
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Noun1.toaster oven - kitchen appliance consisting of a small electric oven for toasting or warming foodtoaster oven - kitchen appliance consisting of a small electric oven for toasting or warming food
kitchen appliance - a home appliance used in preparing food
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فُرْن تَحْميص الخُبْز
trouba s opékačem topinek
lille bageovn
kızartma fırını


(təust) verb
to make (bread etc) brown in front of direct heat. We toasted slices of bread for tea.
bread that has been toasted. He always has two pieces of toast for breakfast.
ˈtoasted adjective
heated by direct heat, eg under a grill. toasted cheese; Do you like your bread toasted?
ˈtoaster noun
an electric machine for toasting bread.
ˈtoaster oven noun
a small oven for toasting bread or baking food.
ˈtoastrack noun
a small stand in which slices of toast can be served. Put the toastrack on the table.
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Use a toaster oven instead of the oven, and run your dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer during the cooler time of the day and with full loads to be even more energy efficient.
These projects can get hard to tell apart, so having them do this before putting them in the toaster oven is the best way I've found to keep them identifiable.
"150 Best Toaster Oven Recipes" is a collection of toaster oven recipes selected from the author's extensive previous experience and publications and other resources.
Ana Ong-sliced, with condensed milk, with or without a sprinkling of cocoa powder, finished in a toaster oven.
Mac 'n Chao is quick and easy in the microwave, but if you go the extra mile and bake it in the oven or toaster oven, you'll be rewarded to end up with more of a homestyle dish, complete with crusty edges.
After all, we were already camping in the middle of a construction zone, cooking meals in a toaster oven and doing dishes in the bathroom sink.
Packaged in 16-ounce boxes with a suggested retail price of between $4.99-$6.99, Farm Rich Breaded Cheddar Cheese Curds are merchandised in the frozen food aisle and can be prepared at home in a traditional oven, toaster oven or deep fryer in under 10 minutes, say officials from the St.
"At the time I was making holsters in an old modified toaster oven I picked up at Walmart," Quesenberry says.
The Courant by Impecca Toastower toaster oven toasts, bakes, and broils with a space-saving footprint that is a mere 9" wide--but also a large 12-liter capacity that easily fits two slices of pizza or four slices of bread, perfect for college dorms and small home and apartment kitchens.
and 11 p.m., APL) A dog that keeps escaping from a backyard; a cat that has too much catnip; a dog that drops to the ground during walks; a dog that gets on a kitchen counter and heads for the toaster oven.
PINGING FOR OUR SUPPERS We are no longer radiating love towards our microwave as sales decline to make way for the toaster oven.
It began with a toaster oven. The unassuming appliance was introduced into the dining hall of Dunster Houseone of Harvard's 12 residential dormitories for upperclassmenas a courtesy to kosher-keeping students.