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Noun1.toastrack - a rack for holding slices of toast
rack - framework for holding objects
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stojánek na tousty
holder til ristet brød
pirítóstartó rács
standur fyrir ristaîar brauîsneiîar
stojan na hrianky
kızarmış ekmek kabı


(təust) verb
to make (bread etc) brown in front of direct heat. We toasted slices of bread for tea.
bread that has been toasted. He always has two pieces of toast for breakfast.
ˈtoasted adjective
heated by direct heat, eg under a grill. toasted cheese; Do you like your bread toasted?
ˈtoaster noun
an electric machine for toasting bread.
ˈtoaster oven noun
a small oven for toasting bread or baking food.
ˈtoastrack noun
a small stand in which slices of toast can be served. Put the toastrack on the table.
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This year saw the return of the popular toastrack bus which gave tours around the headland from 1929-1955 and has been restored by students at Southampton University.
SWOOSHING down a water slide at Rhyl Sun Centre, taking a donkey ride or even a trip on a Llandudno electric railway car-known locally as the toastrack - were some of the fun things to do in North Wales down the years.
The crossing takes about 45 minutes and waiting at the other end is the "toastrack", a red tractor and trailer to take visitors up steep Harbour Hill.