tobacco juice

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Noun1.tobacco juice - saliva colored brown by tobacco (snuff or chewing tobacco)
saliva, spittle, spit - a clear liquid secreted into the mouth by the salivary glands and mucous glands of the mouth; moistens the mouth and starts the digestion of starches
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His gray beard was stained with streaks of tobacco juice, and he was smoking a cigar.
In the hospitals, the students of medicine are requested, by notices upon the wall, to eject their tobacco juice into the boxes provided for that purpose, and not to discolour the stairs.
The place was damp, the air acrid with the smell of stale tobacco juice, and foul with the presence of many unwashed humans.
They all wanted the same man to be the last to drink, since when he chewed, the tobacco juice ran down both sides of his mouth.
Inside, the Post Office served as a meeting room for fraternal and church groups; outside on the porch chairs and railings, it was a hangout for men who talked and spit tobacco juice onto the dusty street.
Some colored work was produced using tobacco juice, vegetable dyes and colored inks, usually the kind used by tattooists.
Homemade tobacco juice" is short-lived and much milder nicotine containing solution used to kill pest.
The WPA Guidebook on California says: "Of all the stagecoach drivers who made the run between Oakland and San Jose, the most hellroaring was Charley Parkhurst, a swaggering bully with one eye covered by a black eye patch, lips and chin habitually stained by tobacco juice, who wore a buffalo skin cap and turned up the cuffs of her blue jeans to show off elegant boots.''
Frank Yanossy, the high school football coach in tiny Madison, Fla., just across the Georgia border, thoughtfully sends a stream of tobacco juice into the Pepsi cup he carries everywhere.
"We start now," said Peter, and spat a mouthful of tobacco juice into the sink.
Commit the unpardonable sin of spitting tobacco juice on Kenny's floor and you would never be invited back.
With regards to oral cancers, "irritation from exposure to tobacco juices increases the risk of developing oral cancers; the irritation by tobacco juice products is likely to be greater among hookah smokers than among pipe or cigar smokers because hookah smoking is typically practiced (with or without inhalation) more often and for longer periods of time."(4)

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