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A long, narrow, runnerless sled constructed of thin boards curled upward at the front end.
intr.v. to·bog·ganed, to·bog·gan·ing, to·bog·gans
1. To coast, ride, or travel on a toboggan.
2. Slang To decline or fall rapidly: His good fortune has tobogganed.

[Canadian French tobagan, from Mi'kmaq topaghan.]

to·bog′gan·er, to·bog′gan·ist n.
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Emergency crews get ready to airlift an injured tobogganer in Baggeridge Park.
The Grove, |Kenilworth Road, Coventry during the big freeze of 1963 and (blow) tobogganers hit the slopes during the same winter
She has drawn up her top tips to help skiers, snowboarders and tobogganers avoid the typical problems she has to deal with.