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also To·by (tō′bē)
n. pl. to·bies also To·bies
A drinking mug, usually in the shape of a stout man wearing a large three-cornered hat.

[After Toby, a nickname for Tobias.]


n, pl -bies
(Civil Engineering) a water stopcock at the boundary of a street and house section


(ˈtoʊ bi)

n., pl. -bies.
(often cap.) a mug in the form of a stout old man wearing a three-cornered hat.
Also called to′by jug`.
[1830–40; generic use of proper name, short for Tobias]
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Noun1.toby - a drinking mug in the shape of a stout man wearing a three-cornered hattoby - a drinking mug in the shape of a stout man wearing a three-cornered hat
mug - with handle and usually cylindrical
References in classic literature ?
Much too sturdy Chimes were they, to be dependent on the pleasure of the wind, moreover; for, fighting gallantly against it when it took an adverse whim, they would pour their cheerful notes into a listening ear right royally; and bent on being heard on stormy nights, by some poor mother watching a sick child, or some lone wife whose husband was at sea, they had been sometimes known to beat a blustering Nor' Wester; aye, 'all to fits,' as Toby Veck said;--for though they chose to call him Trotty Veck, his name was Toby, and nobody could make it anything else either (except Tobias) without a special act of parliament; he having been as lawfully christened in his day as the Bells had been in theirs, though with not quite so much of solemnity or public rejoicing.
For my part, I confess myself of Toby Veck's belief, for I am sure he had opportunities enough of forming a correct one.
And a breezy, goose-skinned, blue-nosed, red-eyed, stony-toed, tooth-chattering place it was, to wait in, in the winter-time, as Toby Veck well knew.
He was a young fellow about my own age, for whom I had all along entertained a great regard; and Toby, such was the name by which he went among us, for his real name he would never tell us, was every way worthy of it.
There was much even in the appearance of Toby calculated to draw me towards him, for while the greater part of the crew were as coarse in person as in mind, Toby was endowed with a remarkably prepossessing exterior.
When I perceived Toby leaning, as I have mentioned, against the bulwarks and buried in thought, it struck me at once that the subject of his meditations might be the same as my own.
We tied Toby to the hall table, and reascended the stairs.
If YOU can trace him, I should think that Toby will have no difficulty.
On reaching the boundary wall Toby ran along, whining eagerly, underneath its shadow, and stopped finally in a corner screened by a young beech.
I tell you that Toby Crackit has been hanging about the place for a fortnight, and he can't get one of the servants in line.
No; not even by flash Toby Crackit,' replied Sikes.
After ruminating for some minutes with his chin sunk on his breast, he raised his head and said, with a deep sigh, that if flash Toby Crackit reported aright, he feared the game was up.