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 (tō′kō-trī′ə-nōl′, -nôl′)
Any of a group of closely related fat-soluble alcohols that are forms of vitamin E and that differ from the tocopherols in having unsaturated side chains.

[toco(pherol) + tri- + -en(e) (in reference to the three double bonds in the side chain of tocotrienols) + -ol.]
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M2 PRESSWIRE-August 14, 2019-: Tocotrienol Market Size Is Projected To Observe Substantial Growth Owing To Rising Demand From Dietary Supplements, Pharmaceuticals And Cosmetics Sectors Till 2024 | Million Insights
EVNol SupraBio is full spectrum tocotrienol complex ([alpha]-, [beta], [gamma]- and [delta]-tocotrienol) extracted from sustainably-sourced red palm fruit oil.
'We wish the government can consider giving more research grants related to palm oil, especially on the nutritional value of palm oil, like beta carotene and tocotrienol, which are the components found in vitamin E,' the minister told a press conference at the Meru Casuarina Hotel here.
The oil may help mitigate the formation of new fat cells because it produces tocotrienol, an unsaturated form of vitamin E, points out Marty Marshall, professor of food science and human nutrition.
Although in vivo studies have shown that tocotrienols exhibit bone protective activity, there is paucity of in vitro studies to determine the effect of tocotrienols on bone cells, especially tocotrienol isomers [15-17, 20-25, 27].
* Gamma tocotrienol is now showing a wide range of signaling pathway modulation that produces health benefits that far exceed those of simple oxidant-reducing nutrients.
Unlike ATF, TRF is a broad mixture of vitamin E that contains all four isomers of tocotrienol and ATF; thus it should be more potent in scavenging free radicals.
The difference between tocopherol and tocotrienol is the number and position of methyl groups attached to the aromatic ring [2].
The project is being headed up by Dr Chris Porter and his team at Monash and will include synthesis of tocotrienol derivatives based on the new delivery technology.
The tocotrienol content was higher than tocopherol in grains of selected pigmented rice genotypes.
Objective: To study the histomorphological effect of tocotrienol on aortic atherosclerosis in diabetic mice having high fat diet.