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Presently she slipped from his knee and began to toddle about, but with a pretty stagger that made Silas jump up and follow her lest she should fall against anything that would hurt her.
When he got to be old enough to begin to toddle about and say broken words and get an idea of what his hands were for, he was a more consummate pest than ever.
The moment Roxy's back was turned he would toddle to the presence of the tongs and say, "Like it
As soon as he was old enough to sit up alone and toddle about, another affliction, the nervous motion of his body, became apparent.
It is a beauty like that of kittens, or very small downy ducks making gentle rippling noises with their soft bills, or babies just beginning to toddle and to engage in conscious mischief--a beauty with which you can never be angry, but that you feel ready to crush for inability to comprehend the state of mind into which it throws you.
When it was discreet to stop the play, Betty Higden said 'Go to your seats Toddles and Poddles,' and they returned hand-in-hand across country, seeming to find the brooks rather swollen by late rains.
This alarming note of something wrong instantly terrified Toddles and Poddles, who were no sooner heard to roar surprisingly, than Johnny, curving himself the wrong way and striking out at Mrs Boffin with a pair of indifferent shoes, became a prey to despair.
This still further brightened the face of affairs; for, the highly sympathetic Sloppy, first broadly staring and grinning, and then roaring with laughter, Toddles and Poddles followed suit, and Johnny trumped the trick.
The Big Toddle for Barnardo's is a nationwide appeal that encourages youngsters to help other children by taking part in a half-mile sponsored walk.
Toddle waddle, an annual sponsored walk aimed at the under fives, is a chance for families to help raise awareness and money for those suffering from the impact of meningitis.
BARNARDO'Swould like to say a big thank-you to all the under-fives in Merseyside,who took part in the Barnardo's Big Toddle 2010.
They want families to join in a sponsored Teddy Toddle to help raise cash for the Elland hospice.