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Noun1.toe box - the forward tip of the upper of a shoe or boot that provides space and protection for the toes; "the toe box may be rounded or pointed"
boot - footwear that covers the whole foot and lower leg
shoe - footwear shaped to fit the foot (below the ankle) with a flexible upper of leather or plastic and a sole and heel of heavier material
upper - piece of leather or synthetic material that forms the part of a shoe or boot above the sole that encases the foot; "Uppers come in many styles"
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Choose shoes with a wide toe box that won't put pressure on the bunion.
The 'Altitude' 13s has an almost full black upper apart from the subtle Jordan branding on the tongue, heel, and toe box that is in, what Jordan Brand calls, Altitude Green.
Structural problems like bunions and hammertoes may respond well to shoes with extra width and a deeper toe box.
Wide toe box footwears could not sound very attractive or attractive, yet there isn't really anything appealing concerning bunion discomfort, either; specifically when it gets worse and worse.
With an EEEEE+ fitting as standard, the Move shoe incorporates a deep, seam-free toe box that provides excellent protection for sensitive toes.
They're totally breathable, great as water shoes, have a solid foot bed and a strong toe box making them a good fit for summer hikes as well.
com): It's easy to forget you're even wearing these, they're so comfortable, with a spacious toe box and secure fit.
An overly narrow toe box could place the phalanges in an excessively adducted position, thereby causing increased valgus stress at the MTP joint.
Jammed against a tight toe box, the other four toes can develop a condition called hammer toes, a shortening of the first joint that causes each toe to curl up instead of lying flat -- even when you're barefoot.
Overstitched heel and toe box for durability and long life, the entire upper is stitched through to the heavy rubber, tire-tread-like sole for superior traction.
Wear properly fitting shoes with a wide enough toe box so that your toes are not cramped or hit up against the front of the shoe.