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n. pl. toea
A unit of currency in Papua New Guinea equal to 1/100 of the kina.

[Perhaps Pidgin English, from English dollar.]


n, pl toea
(Currencies) a monetary unit of Papua New Guinea, worth one-hundredth of a kina
[from a Papuan language]


(ˈtɔɪ ə)

n., pl. toe•a, toe•as.
a monetary unit of Papua New Guinea, equal to 1/100 of a kina.
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Noun1.toea - 100 toea equal 1 kina in Papua New Guinea
Papuan monetary unit - monetary unit in Papua New Guinea
kina - the basic unit of money in Papua New Guinea
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The most common charge for entry is 50 toea (about US$0.
anyone el would San toEa your head Everything or another, in time McCoy S ha win strik If spo AP ld h AP has two rides at Sandown, where he has had 454 rides and 106 winners, a respectable strike-rate of 23 per cent.
Each player contributes a bet to a central pot, usually 20 toea to 1 or 2 kina per play.
The heat was won by Toea Wisil from Papua New Guinea who ran the distance in 11.
toea t Appe PebbUnivBAtranSortnum ble vers ACSsfe BACS payments should be transferred to Clydesdale Bank.
One wild fowl egg is worth a tura malimalikunu or one kina fifty toea (K1.