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1. A buoyant board used to keep the upper body of a swimmer afloat while allowing free movement of the legs, used chiefly to improve kicking technique or develop leg strength and endurance.
2. A freestanding wall, usually made of wood and having the dimensions of a soccer goal, used typically by one or two players to practice kicking, trapping, and shooting the ball.


(Swimming, Water Sports & Surfing) a flat type of float, usually made of foam rubber, which a swimmer holds onto when practising leg strokes


(ˈkɪkˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd)

a buoyant board that is used to support the arms of a swimmer, used chiefly in practicing kicking movements.
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Toeboard prevents material from accidentally being pushed from an elevated space to a lower level
The unit also features a raised toeboard that prevents material from accidentally being pushed off of the mezzanine.
A toeboard is required to protect persons who can pass beneath where there is moving machinery, or there is equipment with which falling materials could create a hazard.
To protect against falling tools and equipment while in dry-dock, a toeboard is used.
And by mounting the hybrid system's battery between the engine and the toeboard, the Senku manages to realise the ideal 50:50 front/rear weight distribution and low centre of gravity that Mazda sports cars are known for.
Movement is initiated by extending the left leg at the knee and hip toward the toeboard.
Torsional rigidity of the body structure was increased 20 percent, while a crossmember was added to the toeboard to minimize cowl shake.
A 10 [degrees] sloped roof with perimeter guardrail and toeboard is standard on 6 to 18 ft models.
Work will include new ladder, cage, safety device, handrail and toeboard, tank vent, interior ladder, rewelding rafters and center post, grout stabilize tank floor and sandblast and repaint tank interior.
The athlete performs a Standing Throw #2 and steps over the toeboard with the drive leg.