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Noun1.toffy - caramelized sugar cooled in thin sheetstoffy - caramelized sugar cooled in thin sheets
candy, confect - a rich sweet made of flavored sugar and often combined with fruit or nuts
peanut brittle - brittle containing peanuts
References in classic literature ?
They were forbidden, however, to go anywhere except on the down and into the woods; the village had been especially prohibited, where huge bull's-eyes and unctuous toffy might be procured in exchange for coin of the realm.
From whence it being only a step to the toffy shop, what could be more simple than to go on there and fill their pockets; or what more certain than that on their return, a distribution of treasure having been made, the usher should shortly detect the forbidden smell of bull's-eyes, and, a search ensuing, discover the state of the breeches-pockets of Tom and his ally?
Livermore, from Upper Bedford Place; old Sergeant Toffy and Mrs.
Former Liverpool star Alan Kennedy and ex-Goodison player Graham Stuart at the start of the 2015 Santa Dash Fei Gau and Yue Yin with their very own Santa Paws, Toffy
Close on his heels was seasoned rider Ali Essa on Toffy in a time of 62.
Time has made most of these superfluous, and they become rather tedious in their toffy predictability.
As the bullets began toffy The blood sprayed from between her eyes And then I laughed maniacally.