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2.(Min.) Tufa. See under Tufa, and Toph.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Apart from the fresh fish and meats, there is also Japanese rice grown in Chiang Rai, many different kinds of sauces, seaweeds, tofus, wasabis, teas, sakes, as well as Japanese kitchen essentials and ingredients to make any lover of Japan and its cuisine happy.
Inflamatuar eklem hastaligi olmaksizin yumusak doku kitlesi olarak gorulen soliter tofus, neoplastik durumlarla karistirilabilir.
Scanning electron microscopy revealed differences in the microstructure of the different pressure- and thermal-produced tofus. The matrix of the tofu produced at pH 6.0 and 600 MPa was less compact and contained larger particles.
Siddetli olgularda bu surec kirec beyazi tofus formuna donusmektedir (kronik tofakoz gut) (1).
According to Vitruvius, pumice (spongia sive pumex) is a naturally burnt mixture of tuff (tofus) and earth (terra).
If you order "a couple tofus," you would never know how many you will get.
Properties of tofus and soy milks prepared from soybean having different subunits of glycinin.
(2001), in products derived from soybeans, like tofu and many others, when subjected to certain heat treatments, the malonyl forms suffer biotransformations and become aglycones, thus increasing the levels of the components responsible for its functional effects.