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Verb1.tog out - put on special clothes to appear particularly appealing and attractivetog out - put on special clothes to appear particularly appealing and attractive; "She never dresses up, even when she goes to the opera"; "The young girls were all fancied up for the party"
primp, preen, dress, plume - dress or groom with elaborate care; "She likes to dress when going to the opera"
prank - dress up showily; "He pranked himself out in his best clothes"
tart up - dress up in a cheap and provocative way
dress, dress up - dress in a certain manner; "She dresses in the latest Paris fashion"; "he dressed up in a suit and tie"
enrobe - adorn with a robe
dizen, bedizen - dress up garishly and tastelessly
dress, get dressed - put on clothes; "we had to dress quickly"; "dress the patient"; "Can the child dress by herself?"
costume, dress up - dress in a costume; "We dressed up for Halloween as pumpkins"
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Informal. Articles worn to cover the body.Used in plural:
apparel, attire, clothes, clothing, dress, garment (used in plural), habiliment (often used in plural), raiment.
Informal: dud (used in plural).
Slang: thread (used in plural).
Informal. To put clothes on:
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"And then you see the lads that didn't get to tog out and you see the staff that you've let down, the guys who put in everything every day, incredible professionals, and the supporters.
All down the years - and I have been really lucky with injuries - my visits to point-to-points have been pretty straightforward: tog out, ride, tog in!
Last night PRO and club stalwart, Shay Connolly, said he'd be delighted to see the Daredevil star tog out.