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Adv.1.together with - in conjunction with; combined; "our salaries put together couldn't pay for the damage"; "we couldn't pay for the damages with all our salaries put together"
بالإضافَة إلى
spolu s
ile birlikte/beraber


(təˈgeðə) adverb
1. with someone or something else; in company. They travelled together.
2. at the same time. They all arrived together.
3. so as to be joined or united. He nailed/fitted/stuck the pieces of wood together.
4. by action with one or more other people. Together we persuaded him.
toˈgetherness noun
the state of being close together. Their evenings round the fire gave them a feeling of togetherness.
together with
in company with. in addition to: My knowledge, together with his money, should be very useful.
References in classic literature ?
When the face was thus completed, all the parts joined together with a nicety that was astonishing.
I suggest, as a first approximation, that these particulars, together with such correlated others as are unperceived, jointly ARE the table; and that a similar definition applies to all physical objects.*
[1] From the bones of the Scelidotherium, including even the knee-cap, being intombed in their proper relative positions, and from the osseous armour of the great armadillo-like animal being so well preserved, together with the bones of one of its legs, we may feel assured that these remains were fresh and united by their ligaments, when deposited in the gravel together with the shells.
Burchell observed to me that when entering Brazil, nothing struck him more forcibly than the splendour of the South American vegetation contrasted with that of South Africa, together with the absence of all large quadrupeds.
A great get together event EGLWYSBACH W.I., together with other village organisations and schools are organising an Eglwysbach Community Great Get Together, a national event to be held in memory of politician Jo Cox who was murdered one year ago.
2-8 (even numbers) Gladstone Road, Liverpool, L7 1QG, together with the half width of the adjoining passageway, together also with the half width of the adjoining highway, Gladstone Road and the half width of the adjoining passageway, together also with the half width of the adjoining highways, Gladstone Road and Martensen Street.
Sandra said: "As a Get Together host last year in 2012 it was fantastic to Get Together with my friends for coffee and cakes." Visit TWO Warwickshire women will rub shoulders with celebrities tonight as Oxfam launches the return of its Get Together campaign in London.
Ackroyd & Abbott together with its subsidiary Ackroyd & Abbott Construction
The television made me feel together with the large crowd.
They emphasized the importance many parents place on family leisure by stating that it is often with a sense of urgency that parents try to spend time together with children participating in family activities.
Therefore, when used together with a mutually supportive course design, the mPBL approach allows, first, for new lecturer roles and responsibilities and new student roles and responsibilities.
Known as the Edwin Plow System, it is named after his now-deceased father who, together with his mother Tuula, started Karhi Contracting in 1960.