(tŏg′ə-rē, tô′gə-)
n. pl. tog·ger·ies
1. Clothing; togs.
2. A clothing store.


(Clothing & Fashion) informal clothes; togs


(ˈtɒg ə ri)

clothes; togs.


1. clothes, collectively.
2. a particular outfit of clothes.
See also: Clothing

Toggery, Togs

 clothes collectively, 1812.
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Cheetham's office address was given as The Toggery in Mersey Square which was owned by Michael Cohen.
We shall, in the narrative, give the performers in this real drama, unreal names; and for good reasons, throw just enough of our own toggery about them to prevent their being identified by strangers.
So having donned some mining toggery, I descended, and, in charge of the foreman, was shown a part of the mine where they were the busiest.
For 27 years, she has worked on weekday mornings at Murray's Toggery Shop on Main Street, the home of the famous Nantucket Reds Collection.
Our lineage at The Toggery goes back to the founding in 1948 of a better children's store on Kavanaugh.
The others were The Toggery Five; Dick Francis; Plus Four; Cherry Rowland; David Macbeth.
Appalled by the villagers' reversion to older traditions, "living in their bark tents selling Indian toggery and trinkets .
Another party, called an "annual jollification," was noted in the minutes of May 26, 1908: "Wearing our finest toggery and sweetest smiles, we accompanied our best beloved to the Amidon residence on West Fleshiem Street .
Around 1908 for women, 'the accepted toggery is a two-piece suit consisting of a blouse and knickerbockers and trouserettes.
Chinese entrepreneurs led by Joe Shoong founded China Toggery on San Francisco's Fillmore Street in 1911.
half-puddled walking about in their every-day toggery and black faces .
The contract was drawn up by Chris Wainwright Agency Ltd of Stoke and between Bob Wooler representing the Cavern and The Hollies represented by Alan G Cheetham who signed the document giving his agency address as the Toggery, Mersey Square, Stockport - This, the clothes boutique where Graham Nash once worked for which Cheetham owned.