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1. The act or process of dressing or grooming oneself; toilet.
2. A person's dress or style of dress.
3. A gown or costume.

[French; see toilet.]


(twɑːˈlɛt; French twalɛt)
usually literary another word for toilet2
[C16: from French; see toilet]


(ˈtɔɪ lɪt)

1. a bathroom fixture consisting of a bowl, usu. with a hinged seat and lid, and a device for flushing with water, used for defecation and urination.
2. a bathroom or washroom; lavatory.
3. a dressing room, esp. one containing a bath.
4. the act or process of dressing or grooming oneself.
5. the dress or costume of a person.
6. Archaic. a dressing table.
Also, toilette (for defs. 6,8).
[1530–40; < French toilette small cloth, doily, dressing table =toile toil2 + -ette -et]
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Noun1.toilette - the act of dressing and preparing yourself; "he made his morning toilet and went to breakfast"
grooming, dressing - the activity of getting dressed; putting on clothes
References in classic literature ?
I pay this particular compliment to Queequeg, because he treated me with so much civility and consideration, while I was guilty of great rudeness; staring at him from the bed, and watching all his toilette motions; for the time my curiosity getting the better of my breeding.
Fairfax's aid, replaced my black stuff dress by one of black silk; the best and the only additional one I had, except one of light grey, which, in my Lowood notions of the toilette, I thought too fine to be worn, except on first-rate occasions.
Not liking to show him that I had heard the conflict, I continued my toilette rather noisily, looked at my watch, and soliloquised on the length of the night: 'Not three o'clock yet
Having abundance of time for his usual methodical toilette, Mr.
Micawber in her toilette at my dressing-table; having also caused the fire in my bedroom to be lighted for Mrs.
Osgood's inclination to remain with her niece gave them also a reason for staying to see the rustic beauty's toilette.
When I reached the Wheel of Pleasure, I found Rosalind awaiting me in the coffee- room, looking fresh from a traveller's toilette, and with the welcome news that dinner was on the way.
When she dressed the following morning, her maids noticed that, contrary to her usual habit, the princess was very particular about her toilette, and insisted on her hair being dressed two or three times over.
Mademoiselle's lady's maid says, sir, that mademoiselle is finishing her toilette, and will be here shortly.
They halted for a short time to make their toilette, an operation as important with an Indian warrior as with a fashionable beauty.
The handkerchief ought not to cost more than the rest of the toilette.
They are but dim ill-defined pictures that her narrow bit of an imagination can make of the future; but of every picture she is the central figure in fine clothes; Captain Donnithorne is very close to her, putting his arm round her, perhaps kissing her, and everybody else is admiring and envying her--especially Mary Burge, whose new print dress looks very contemptible by the side of Hetty's resplendent toilette.