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 (tô′kə-măk′, tŏk′ə-)
A doughnut-shaped chamber used in fusion research in which a plasma is heated and confined by magnetic fields.

[Russian, from to(roidal'naya) kam(era s) ak(sial'nym magnitnym polem), toroidal chamber with axial magnetic field.]


(General Physics) physics a toroidal reactor used in thermonuclear experiments, in which a strong helical magnetic field keeps the plasma from contacting the external walls. The magnetic field is produced partly by current-carrying coils and partly by a large inductively driven current through the plasma
[C20: from Russian to(roidál'naya) kám(era s) ak(siál'nym magnitnym pólem), toroidal chamber with magnetic field]


(ˈtoʊ kəˌmæk, ˈtɒk ə-)

a type of experimental nuclear fusion reactor in which a plasma of ions circulates in a toroidal tube and is confined to a narrow beam by an electromagnetic field.
[1960–65; < Russian tokamák, for to(roidál'naya) kám(era s) ak(siál'nym magnítnym pólem) toroidal chamber with an axial magnetic field]
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Noun1.tokamak - a doughnut-shaped chamber used in fusion research; a plasma is heated and confined in a magnetic bottle
chamber - a natural or artificial enclosed space
magnetic bottle - container consisting of any configuration of magnetic fields used to contain a plasma during controlled thermonuclear reactions
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This is a public supply contract for the delivery of a plasma heating system using a neutral bundle for the COMPASS tokamak (including equipment only), including transport to the place of filling, installation, commissioning, testing, training, handing over of the technical manual and warranty service to the extent and in accordance with the procurement terms and conditions.
In this development, LTi Metaltech (or LTi) of Oxfordshire is expert in high integrity welded structures and has supported neighbouring high-tech company Tokamak Energy with its aim to create the ST40 fusion reactor, a crucial prototype step towards a device to produce electricity for the first time in 2025.
Tokamak Energy was launched six years ago with a view to change that and shake up the industry.
The ITER project's goal is to build the world's largest tokamak, producing 500 megawatts of fusion power--far more than a European tokamak that holds the current record of 16 megawatts of fusion power.
Iran began building an experimental nuclear fusion reactor in July 2010 and now has three small tokamak machines and is building a fourth, Coblentz added.
The Greifswald device should be able to keep plasma in place for much longer than a tokamak, said Thomas Klinger, who heads the project.
This aims to determine the ideal tokamak setting for the production of fusion energy.
Over the past decade, several privately funded startup companies have sprung up in the United States and elsewhere in pursuit of practical fusion power based on radically different approaches from the tokamak.
Ohkawa proposed building a major new tokamak at General Atomics called Doublet III.
En dispositivos Tokamak el calentamiento ohmico no permite alcanzar parametros del plasma relevantes para reactores nucleares, mientras que en dispositivos Stellarator (dispositivos sin corriente electrica) este mecanismo de calentamiento es irrelevante.
Los partidarios de la fusion creen que estas criticas son infundadas, pues si a un tokamak le ocurriera lo mismo que a Fukushima, simplemente el reactor se detendra instantaneamente y no ocurrira nada o liberara muy poca radiacion.
The patented tokamak is surrounded by an area that would house a nuclear waste fuel source and waste byproducts of the nuclear fuel cycle.