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 (tō′lə, tō-lä′)
A unit of weight used in India, equal to the weight of one silver rupee (11.7 grams or 180 troy grains).

[Hindi tolā, from Sanskrit tulā, weight; see telə- in Indo-European roots.]


(Units) a unit of weight, used in India, the eightieth part of a ser and equal to 180 grains
[C17: from Hindi tolā, from Sanskrit tulā scale, from tul to weigh]


(ˈtoʊ lɑ)

n., pl. -las.
a unit of weight in India, equal to 180 grains (11.7 grams).
[1605–15; < Hindi tolā « Skt tolaka]
References in classic literature ?
The Mahars say it is round, like the inside of a tola shell," he answered, "but that is ridiculous, since, were it true, we should fall back were we to travel far in any direction, and all the waters of Pellucidar would run to one spot and drown us.
Meanwhile, in Mir Colony Mustafabad, an unidentified burglar broke into the house of Mubeen Mayo and stole Rs300,000 cash , gold ornaments weighing 10 tola and other valuables.
From June till to date, the local 10-gram and one tola rate had seen sharp rise of Rs6,771 and Rs7,900 respectively, while international gold price saw $73 per ounce hike in the above period.
He said gold would remain in range of $1,270 an ounce and the commodity in rupee term would stand around Rs 49,700 a tola on the back of moderate interest of the investors as they preferred to allocate money to sectors that would make money, either in stocks or in share market.
Tola is an octagonal shaped coin with distinctive knurled edges and an intricate finish with 999.
1144-1141 BCE), there arose a legitimate Judge named Tola who saved Israel (1) and ruled for 23 years (approx.
A gifted novelist, Tola masterfully blends social history and personal drama with a fertile imagination and solid narrative technique.
Daily 10 tola gold is re warded by lucky draw for 10 customers, there is no restric tion how many calls should make a customer, many num bers of calls can make proba bility of higher chances to win the chance of offer and com puter generated system will add the multiple option for one cus tomers in case of many calls.
Upper caste (Rajput and Bhumihar) landowners of the Ranvir Sena - a private militia of the landlords - stormed Bathani Tola in Bhojpur district's Sahar block in Central Bihar and ruthlessly hacked the Dalits, among them women, teenage girls and babies less than 10 months old.
Domingo and Tola have worked together a lot over the years, and recently held audiences spellbound in Shanghai, Washington D.
Tola received the award for her work with students at the Brady Health Center at Frostburg State University where she is the director.
Founded by Rich Tola and Greg Swenson, West End acquires and redevelops neglected and under-performing properties throughout the tri-state area.