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Noun1.toll collector - someone employed to collect tollstoll collector - someone employed to collect tolls  
employee - a worker who is hired to perform a job
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The Market Keeper's House originally served as offices for the market keeper and the toll collector on the ground floor, as well as accommodation for both their families on the upper floor.
Tolls were collected up until the 1930s - one toll collector was known to throw things at cyclists who raced through without paying.
WORCESTER -- A Department of Transportation toll collector was placed on $5,000 cash bail with GPS monitoring Friday morning on allegations he sexually assaulted a woman in March.
Too many of my favorite places are marked to recount them here, but here is a sample: The author describes the ACGME work rules under which residents only have ownership of their patients for the hours that they are on duty as "one of the many components of the conversion of medicine from a profession into the equivalent of a toll collector on a highway.
THE photograph in the Yesterdays supplement (October 9) of the former toll gate on Penarth Road shows the head toll collector, a Mr Morgan.
Radadiya and his men not only threatened the toll collector with the gun, but also created ruckus that led to heavy traffic jam on the highway.
Tattooed Girl at Danbury gas station, Phoenix with Crutches, Unbelievable Moustache on the C, and Hot Toll Collector all inspired potential paramours to pause and take a moment to proclaim their interest on Missed Connections, the popular classifieds section on Craigslist.
The building served as Newcastle cattle market and the ground floor was taken up by offices for the market keeper and toll collector.
In one recent incident, a motorist at a crowded toll booth pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot the toll collector if he served another driver who had cut in line, local papers reported.
There were many tailors and one man was a toll collector.
After his brief stint in the army, he got a job with the French customs office, where he worked as a toll collector, a job he would hold until his early retirement at age 50.
Mark Webber, who seems to be one of the harder-working young actors in indie world ("The Hottest State," "Broken Flowers," "Dear Wendy"), is the fractured Lukas, who works as a highway toll collector and is the kind of guy who can casually tie up traffic for miles, or absent-mindedly read a cast-off edition of "Mein Kampf" while offending thousands of motorists.