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Noun1.toll plaza - an area where tollbooths are locatedtoll plaza - an area where tollbooths are located
tolbooth, tollbooth, tollhouse - a booth at a tollgate where the toll collector collects tolls
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ISLAMABAD -- Commuters and drivers traveling regularly on the motorways have expressed dismay over construction of too many toll plazas.
Aftab Shahid, a commuter often travelling between Faisalabad and Islamabad said that the additional toll plazas had created traffic mess.
HARIPUR -- The users of Hazara Motorway have complained about the 'unauthorised' collection of tax by private contractors at makeshift toll plazas.
Chairman, NHAI Shri Deepak Kumar directed all field Highway Operation Unit officers through video conference on 09 February, 2018 to visit at least two toll plazas each across the country and check the above facilities personally to improve the users convenience.
Under the agreement, upon depletion of the initial load, the MMDA will take over the responsibility of topping up or loading the RFID tags for quick and easy access of toll plazas.
The additional toll plazas should speed up travel and not the other way around,' Tugade said in a statement.
We are doing these projects to minimize queuing at the toll plazas especially during peak hours, aside from assuring our motorists to continue experiencing speedy toll transactions at the NLEX-SCTEX," said MNTC president Rodrigo Franco.
However, Yogi Adityanath led Uttar Pradesh Government in July issued a directive to provide separate toll-free lanes for MLAs and MPs at all toll plazas across the state, including the ones on national highways.
However, bribing is a common practice at other toll plazas like at DND and Kalindi Kunj.
The two toll plazas on the Highways outperformed RAM Rating's sensitised projections, with the Mines Toll Plaza registering average daily traffic (ADT) of 92,847 vehicles in FY Mar 2014, and the Loke Yew Toll Plaza's initial ADT coming in at 31,249 in the first month of tolling (May 2014).
India, May 23 -- RFID technology shall expedite the clearing of traffic at toll plazas.
While those travelling frequently between the two cities will now save time and money, those driving beyond Gurgaon towards industrial township Manesar and Jaipur using the National Highway 8, and those driving from Delhi to its international airport will now pay double the existing toll to compensate for the loss of revenue as only one of the three toll plazas have been removed.