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Noun1.toll taker - someone employed to collect tollstoll taker - someone employed to collect tolls  
employee - a worker who is hired to perform a job
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The fact is, being Catholic does not mean being a toll payer any more than it means being a toll taker. It means carrying or being carried by the Gospel in all its forms, in all its iterations.
Toll taker productivity was dramatically increased.
Suppose you are a toll taker on a freeway and MS fatigue leaves you too tired to get to work.
Toll Taker, ridden by Eibar Coa, won the Grade 3 Astarita Stakes for juvenile fillies at Belmont, beating 17-10 favourite Ima Dixie Girl.
Let's start at the bottom of anyone's list for boring and mindless jobs--the toll taker. The lowly toll taker makes a contribution to the well-being of our society, but can there be a worse job to have to do.
When it's running, the Daniel Matheny V can hold nine cars, parked in three lanes with the help of a toll taker - in this case, Albert Becerra.
"He probably lost a million votes during this tour of the state," said a toll taker.
I say, "Thank you," and the toll taker says nothing.
Last summer, a car pulled up to a Skyline Drive entrance at Shenandoah National Park, and a young man held out the $5 entrance fee to the Park Service toll taker. Noticing an elderly woman beside the driver, the attendant waved the money back and said, "If your guest is over 62, you both get in free."
When Don Orsillo drove home the other day, the toll taker on the Mass.
"Throughout the holiday period, when and where necessary, we will increase toll taker coverage to meet the increase in cash customers," he said in an e-mail.
The customer would submit the voucher to the toll taker, Ms.