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1. A gate barring passage to a road, tunnel, or bridge until a toll is collected.
2. A tollbooth equipped with a gate.


(ˈtəʊlˌɡeɪt; ˈtɒl-)
a gate across a toll road or bridge at which travellers must stop and pay



a gate where a toll is collected.
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Noun1.tollgate - a gate or bar across a toll bridge or toll road which is lifted when the toll is paidtollgate - a gate or bar across a toll bridge or toll road which is lifted when the toll is paid
gate - a movable barrier in a fence or wall
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who have their tollgates at the end of every field?
Tenders are invited for License right for collection of tollgate free at downhill ghat road 1 and 2 new ghat road
According to survey report by Planet Projects, the removal of the roundabouts had saved residents about N240million daily and N87billion yearly based on journey time and fuel saving analysis, declaring that, 'Average travel time from the Abraham Adesanya to Lekki Admiralty Tollgate was about 2hours characterized by huge delays especially at the roundabouts.
The estate agent details described Tollgate Lodge as a property of "prestige and rarity which offers luxurious living on a grand scale".
The victims were inside a parked car in Tollgate Road in Beckton, east London, when a man threw a corrosive substance through the window on Wednesday, June 21, the Metropolitan Police said.
Toal, formerly of Tollgate House in Bradbury Place South Belfast, was found guilty last year of 29 counts.
1 Tollgate Road, Hamsterley Mill, Rowlands Gill, is for sale at between PS450,000 and PS500,000, through Your Move Chris Stonock, tel: 01207 544498.
THE TOLLGATE Holyhead Road, Coventry, CV5 8HX Tel: 024 7667 2309 As part of the Crown Carvery franchise, the Tollgate is a chain which offers great Sunday lunches with unlimited vegetables and sides.
The 66-year-old has owned the 1,400-acre resort near Tollgate since 1999.
com)-- Coral Commercial Properties is pleased to announce the addition of The State of Florida's Department of Revenue and Child Support Services Customer Service Center to the Tollgate Naples Commercial Center.
It covers the DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, control) methodology and the purpose of each phase; tools and techniques used in Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) and DFSS methodologies; project methodologies; the elements of a project charter, including scoping a project; project savings, both hard and soft; common tools and techniques for each phase of DMAIC; Lean Six Sigma roles and responsibilities used in a deployment; stakeholder engagement and communication; tollgates and the tollgate review process; the role of the Lean Six Sigma coach and mentors; the use and construction of the process map; data collection and metric development; and tools such as force-field analysis, accuracy vs.
ON a recent stormy night I approached the tollgate at the Kingsway Wallasey tunnel.