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 (tə-măl′ē, tŏm′ăl′ē)
n. pl. to·mal·leys
The soft, green liver of cooked lobster.

[Galibi tamali.]


(Cookery) fat from a lobster, called "liver", and eaten as a delicacy
[C17: of Caribbean origin; compare Galibi tumali sauce of crab or lobster liver]


(ˈtɒmˌæl i)

n., pl. -leys.
the liver of a lobster.
[1660–70; earlier taumali < Carib]
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Noun1.tomalley - edible greenish substance in boiled lobster
liver - liver of an animal used as meat
lobster - flesh of a lobster
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Curtis Stone and Justin Hilbert Maude LOBSTER WITH SORREL AND CONCORD GRAPES For the lobster: 8 small lobster tails, steamed at 145 degrees for 3 minutes, chilled Sorrel leaves, blanched For the lobster sauce: 8 small lobsters, cracked and cleaned, heads, legs, reserving tomalley for bechamel Concord grape juice Sorrel leaves Tarragon leaves For the lobster bechamel: 200 grams lobster heads and tails, dehydrated 400 grams whole milk 60 grams roux For the garnish: Red butterfly sorrel FOR THE LOBSTER: Wrap lobster tails in blanched sorrel leaves.
There was one for meat, another for shells, and a third for the green tomalley yet to be mined from the carapace.
I love lobster tomalley, the soft green organ that functions as both a liver and pancreas.
If lobster is still on your menu in these days of rising food costs, be sure to leave one part behind on your plate--the tomalley or the soft "green stuff" you find inside a lobster's cavity.
and, for lobster and crabs, don't eat the hepatopancreas (also known as tomalley, mustard or liver) since it may contain high chemical levels.
TORT- 1 Partially defatted lobster tomalley (hepatopancreas) LUTS-1 Non-defatted lobster tomalley (hepatopancreas) DORM-2 Partially defatted dogfish muscle DOLT-2 Partially defatted dogfish liver