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A gold coin formerly used in Persia worth 10,000 dinars.

[Persian tūmān, from Turkic tümen, unit of ten thousand.]


(Currencies) a gold coin formerly issued in Persia
[C16: from Persian, of Mongolian origin]
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Lee Toman, aged 19, of Windmill Road, Atherstone, is accused of killing William Hammond after a night out in the Isle Casino, at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry.
New boss Andy Toman takes charge of Guisborough Town's survival battle at home to Washington tomorrow.
Tom Toman, RMEF staff biologist, said that was a concern of hunters when Wisconsin undertook an elk reintroduction feasibility study in 1990.
Future form of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), African swine fever and food safety were the main topics of today's meeting of Minister of Agriculture Miroslav Toman and his Polish colleague Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski.
By sending the bill to lawmakers, President Hassan Rouhani's government shows it is serious about an idea mulled for some time in Iran, where people discuss monetary transactions in both rials and - informally but more commonly - in tomans. A toman is worth 10 rials.
According to a statement posted on the government's website, the move aims to bring radical reform in the country's monetary system, including changing the name of the country's monetary unit from 'rial' to the commonly used 'toman'.
La vitamina K ayuda en la coagulacion, de forma que los medicos con frecuencia advierten a los pacientes que toman warfarina, un anticoagulante, que limiten la cantidad de alimentos ricos en el nutriente.
President Stevo Pendarovski had a meeting with Czech Ambassador Miroslav Toman in Skopje Monday.
Festival Best Film Award, UNESCO diploma and Cash Prize (4 Million Toman): Yaser Talebi for directing "Last Breath"
Los investigadores han observado que los pacientes de hospital que toman un PPI corren mas riesgo de infectarse con Clostridium difficile, una bacteria resistente y peligrosa.
Ehab Amin, president of the Egyptian Gymnastics Federation, expressed his pleasure with artistic gymnast Nancy Toman's winning of a gold medal in the women's vault competition and Ali Abu Al Qassem's winning of a bronze medal in the men's rings competition at the 2018 Mediterranean Games.