tomato juice

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Noun1.tomato juice - the juice of tomatoes (usually bottled or canned)tomato juice - the juice of tomatoes (usually bottled or canned)
juice - the liquid part that can be extracted from plant or animal tissue by squeezing or cooking
מיץ עגבניות
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Next, add your vodka and the spice mix and pour in the lemon juice, tomato juice and mix again.
INGREDIENTS: 45ml vodka, 45ml tomato juice, 1 dash freshly squeezed lemon juice.
The scientists measured the headspace concentrations of different tomato juice samples using selected ion flow tube-mass spectrometry.
Consumers can't believe how light and refreshing our tomato juice is, because they're used to a heavy, ultra-processed tomato drink," explains Sexton, who believes that consumer sampling is essential with Natalie's products, and has also encouraged chefs and bartenders to make use of the tomato juice.
Take the cocktail glass Ingredients Makes: 4 Avocado base 2 ripe avocados, peeled, stoned and chopped Juice of 2 limes Salt and pepper to taste Crab mix 450g picked white crab meat 50g mayonnaise 1 finely diced red onion Seasoning to taste Bloody Mary 2 gelatine leaves 25ml vodka 100ml tomato juice Pinch of celery salt Pinch of ground black pepper Dash of Tabasco Dash of lemon juice Dash of Lea & Perrins Dash of port with the avocado and crab mix from the fridge and pour over the Bloody Mary to evenly top up each glass then return to the fridge to set.
I stopped on New Year's Eve, which was terrible without a drink, and I've been on the tomato juice ever since.
One medium tomato, seven cherry tomatoes, three tablespoons of baked beans or 150ml of tomato juice all count as one portion.
I chose a blanco tequila as a base as the citrus notes of highland tequila work well with tomato juice.
Tomato juice consumption reduces systemic inflammation in overweight and obese females.
Mahsa Ghavipour and colleagues from Tehran University (Iran) recruited a group of overweight and obese women, average age 23 years, for a study in which each subject consumed either a glass (330 mL) of tomato juice or water (control beverage) a day for 20 days.
City of Industry, CA, has partnered with Royal DSM to include its Fruitflow ingredient in the new Langers Tomato Juice Plus and L&A Tomato Juice.
London, Feb 13 ( ANI ): Tomato juice could be better than energy drinks at helping the body rejuvenate after exercise, a new study has claimed.