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Noun1.tomato plant - native to South Americatomato plant - native to South America; widely cultivated in many varieties
tomato - mildly acid red or yellow pulpy fruit eaten as a vegetable
herb, herbaceous plant - a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests
cherry tomato, Lycopersicon esculentum cerasiforme - plant bearing small red to yellow fruit
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At the time of planting, cover bottom 2/3 part of your baby tomato plant with potting soil.
On the other hand, extracts of plants such as tomato have been employed to delay microbial growth; it has been reported that tomato plant extracts contain certain antimicrobial compounds.
But staff at the Workers Gallery and Workshops in Penrhys, Rhondda, were surprised when they came across a tomato plant growing out of one of its walls.
The physico-chemical properties of the soil, tomato plant production and the commercial AMF inoculum used are described above.
In addition, the solid board enriched with tomato plant fibres was announced a winner of the Packaging Europe Sustainability Awards 2016.
Qiu and Okushima [4], furthermore, analyzed the relationship between AE and transpiration rate of tomato plant by measurement of AE, leaf temperature and transpiration rate.
Table 1: Significance of Mean Squares from Analysis of Variance of Various Parameters of Tomato Plant in Relation to Varying Levels of Soil Applied Potassium
The unique solid board enriched with tomato plant fibres, produced by Solidus Solutions, emerged as the clear winner at the Packaging Europe Sustainability Awards 2016.
A tomato plant poked by a haustorium, however, panics.
However, the whitefly Bemesia tabaci is very noxious [26] in the sense that it reduces the vitality of tomato plant by sucking up the sap of the leaves [15] and the most dangerous one is the transmission of Gemini viruses [8, 29].
Pomato is a hybrid variety of potato and tomato that is produced by grafting a tomato plant and a potato plant, these plants belongs to Solanaceae family (nightshade).
ISLAMABAD -- The PARC Institute of Advanced Studies in Agriculture (PIASA) has awarded the first-ever Ph.D degree in Plant Genomics and Biotechnology for developing cold tolerant tomato plant.