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La soiree debute par une premiere partie animee par la troupe musicale iranienne "Eshragh" avec Mostafa Mahboub Mojaz (Tanbour, instrument a cordes), Homa Esmaeel Zade (Tombak, percussion iranienne), Somaye Mobarak (Daf, percussion iranienne) et Ali Aghazade (Oud, instrument a cordes).
Initially, the bottleneck cases for the 10.35x47Rmm Vetterli rounds were constructed of tombak, a brass alloy with copper and zinc.
En este aspecto, es preciso mencionar que existen estudios genericos que concluyen que, independientemente de las eficiencias en los costos logradas como consecuencia de las fusiones entre sociedades, los costos de los servicios cobrados al publico son mas elevados cuando se esta ante la presencia de un monopolio (Tombak, 2002, p.
The Pharos Arts Foundation will join forces with the Embassy of Iran in Cyprus on Friday to celebrate the Iranian New Year, Nowruz, with a concert of Persian classical music by the Miras Ensemble on traditional instruments (oud, setar, tombak, daf, dayereh, kamancheh and santur).
The MoU on carrying the feasibility studies for implementing Iran LNG project, an LNG plant under development at Tombak Port in south Iran was signed between managing director of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) Ali Kardor and Miller.
The selling price, excluding VAT, for cupboard tombak, including the presentation brochure is 100 lei.
Stosowany jest do produkcji stopow odlewniczych z aluminium (znal), miedzia (mosiadz i tombak) oraz w metalurgii zlota i srebra.
Abac, Ay gulu, Ayi gulu, (ISTE 109864) Besparmak, Dolaman, Dulbent, Garga basmasi, Geyik gobegi, Geyik lalesi, Kaba dulbent lalesi, Kaba dulber, Kafire, Kame, Lale, Tombak lale, Top lale Papaveraceae Fumaria officinalis L.
During fruiting season many wild boars congregate and were hunted with dogs using spears (tombak) or blowpipes.