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 (tō-mĕn′tōs′, tō′mən-)
adj. Biology
Covered with short, dense, matted hairs.

[New Latin tōmentōsus, from Latin tōmentum, cushion stuffing.]
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Adj.1.tomentose - covered with densely matted filamentstomentose - covered with densely matted filaments
phytology, botany - the branch of biology that studies plants
2.tomentose - densely covered with short matted woolly hairs; "a tomentose leaf"
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
haired, hairy, hirsute - having or covered with hair; "Jacob was a hairy man"; "a hairy caterpillar"
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Except for Stangeria eriopus, the stem apices of all cycad species bear short, triangular, woody, often tomentose, modified leaves with a pointed free end, known as cataphylls (Fig.
Spores in Phaeangium are ornamented at maturity and a have tomentose peridium, whereas Picoa juniperi has smooth spores and no tomentum.
Besides, it has apex acuminate, base cordate, margin entire or dentate, sub coriaceous, fulvous tomentose, 7-nerved at base.
Sepals abaxially densely tomentose and adaxially glabrous, incurved in anthesis, the 4 lateral sepals abaxially biglandular, the anterior sepal eglandular.
Original description of Toxotus auricomusThe pubescence of the body is slightlylonger, extraordinary dense, tomentose, golden yellow; it covered dorsal surface completely.
Annual, tomentose with branched hairs, 10-30 cm 7-20 cm [Basal leaves in a rosette [+ or -] fleeting (Maire, 1977)].
Flowers are small, much branched, unisexual in tomentose, druping, and axillary panicles in the upper axils.
central specimen), but it is different for denticulate leaves, not mucronate, tomentose below, long petiole (> 0,8 cm) and abundant stellate and fused-stellate trichomes, versus Q.
Males with well developed tomentose patch ventrally on pro- and mesotibia (on females weakly developed) Laccocorinae (2) -- Front of head not folded posteroventrally (Fig.
It is an erect, evergreen, tomentose shrub, 30-150 cm high, found throughout the drier parts of India in waste places.
The sepals are overlapping, free, pyramidal with thin margins, tomentose, and tomentose-floccose in the depressions (Figures 1g and 5a).