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Any of several techniques for creating three-dimensional images of the internal structure of a solid object by analyzing the propagation of waves of energy, such as x-rays or seismic waves, through the object.

[Greek tomos, section; see tome + -graphy.]

to′mo·gram′ (tō′mə-grăm′) n.
to′mo·graph′ (-grăf′) n.
to′mo·graph′ic adj.
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(Medicine) an x-ray photograph of a selected plane section of the human body or some other solid object
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(ˈtoʊ məˌgræm)

the visual record produced by tomography.
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n (Med) → Tomogramm nt, → Tomografie f
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n. tomograma, radiografía seccionada de una parte del cuerpo.
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n tomografía (estudio)
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These variations are significant for physicians, neurosurgeans, and radiologist in the outcome monitoring like computed tomogram or magnetic resonance image scanes (Murlimanju et al.; Molinet Guerra et al.).
High-resolution computer tomogram in the fourth month of treatment with sulfasalazine.
Most of the patients are not able to carry out extensive investigative procedures such as computed tomogram angiography and magnetic resonance imaging due to out of pocket health-care payment system.
The solution to this involves creating patient specific implants by using a computed tomogram (CT) 3-dimensional (3D) reconstruction of the defect.
A high-resolution computerised tomogram (HRCT) revealed peripheral reticulation, extensive subpleural honeycombing, and traction bronchiectasis predominating in the lower lobes (Fig.
The scoring system is based on 5 variables obtained from preoperative non contrast enhanced computerized tomogram (CT).
During the visit to our institute, the patient was subjected to radiological examination, by conducting a cone beam computed tomogram (Figure 1-4).
[.sup.18]F-fluorodeoxyglucose uptake in thyroid from positron emission tomogram (PET) for evaluation in cancer patients: high prevalence of malignancy in thyroid PET incidentaloma.
Chest X-ray showed an inhomogeneous opacity in the left lower zone with raised left diaphragm (Figure 1), and CECT (contrast-enhanced computer tomogram) chest showed a hypodense lesion with irregular margins in the anterior segment of the left lower lobe adjacent to the descending aorta and associated subcarinal lymphadenopathy (Figures 2 and 3).
Contrast-enhanced computed tomogram showed heterogeneously enhancing soft tissue mass lesion in the right posterolateral wall of nasopharynx measuring 6 x 3.7 x 4 cm with erosion of the adjacent bone with involvement of the pterygoid muscles (Figure 2).
A staging positron emission tomogram (PET) done after the navigational bronchoscopy once a malignant diagnosis was confirmed showed FDG avidity in the RUL lesion (SUV 2), along with an FDG-avid left infrahilar mass (SUV 11) within the LLL consolidation (Figure 1(d)).
This mass was not seen on an abdominal computed tomogram (CT) performed four weeks earlier.