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Any of several techniques for creating three-dimensional images of the internal structure of a solid object by analyzing the propagation of waves of energy, such as x-rays or seismic waves, through the object.

[Greek tomos, section; see tome + -graphy.]

to′mo·gram′ (tō′mə-grăm′) n.
to′mo·graph′ (-grăf′) n.
to′mo·graph′ic adj.


(Medicine) an x-ray photograph of a selected plane section of the human body or some other solid object


(ˈtoʊ məˌgræm)

the visual record produced by tomography.


n (Med) → Tomogramm nt, → Tomografie f


n. tomograma, radiografía seccionada de una parte del cuerpo.


n tomografía (estudio)
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In 2010, a myocardial perfusion tomogram revealed inferior/inferolateral ischemia from near the apex to the base and extending into the inferosepturn from mid to base, approximately 12% of the left ventricular myocardium.
The image in each measuring point is displayed as coloured tomogram J (described on the basis of Samokrutov and Shevaldykin (2011)) using Eqn (1):
A computed tomogram (CT) of the abdomen performed on admission showed a thickened gallbladder wall with surrounding inflammatory fatty stranding.
It is difficult to make preoperative diagnosis on the basis of barium follow-through and computed tomogram (CT) scan and the diagnosis is made at laparotomy when encasement of small bowel within the sac like cocoon is visualized.
Three days post partum; she developed a low grade fever and underwent computed tomogram of the abdomen revealing a 6x10 cm right dermoid cyst.
Interestingly, however, Figure 9, a repeat rotational tomogram, taken approximately 18 months post-initial presentation, does not demonstrate rapid progressive alveolar bone loss one might expect to see in comparison to the paient's initial bone-levels.
A chest radiograph showed diffuse interstitial pulmonary disease, which subsequently was confirmed by a computed tomogram.
Histological aggressiveness of fluorodeoxyglucose positron-emission tomogram (FDG-PET)-detected incidental thyroid carcinomas.
More accurate inspection methods have also been developed to locate defects with a stress wave tomogram using multiple sensors (Divos and Sazlai 2002, Schwarze et al.
Especially if--as in real experiments--the density to reconstruct is unknown, reconstruction residuals can be a valuable source of information for assessing the quality of a tomogram (Lange et al.
A computed tomogram of the chest performed on day 10 showed resolution of pulmonary infiltrates.
He was admitted to a local hospital, where a normal brain computerized tomogram was noted.