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Noun1.Tomtate - found off the West Indies and Floridatomtate - found off the West Indies and Florida
grunt - medium-sized tropical marine food fishes that utter grunting sounds when caught
genus Haemulon, Haemulon - type genus of the Haemulidae
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Traditionally once the water temperature drops below 65 degrees the red snapper and tomtate grunts start pulling farther offshore.
They found the most common species observed in those pits were the yellowtail reeffish, tomtate (Haemulon aurolineatum), the vermilion snapper (.Rhomboplites aurorubens), the roughtongue bass (Pronotogrammus martinicensis), and a scad (Decapterus sp.).
A few of the species reported most frequently in the Carolinas were black sea bass, vermilion snapper, gray triggerfish, tomtate, red porgy, and white grunt (Table 2).
Tomtate grunt and whitemouth croaker showed a quite balanced production in both areas (Table 6).
Haemulon chrysopteron = Haemulon aurolina-turn Cuvier: Tomtate; p.
He only gave best to tomtate''s Parc De Launay, who remains unbeaten, and he was certainly not done any favours by the draw that day.
Not surprisingly, TomTate (pictured) ups him to seven furlongs today and winning an ordinary maiden like this should be a formality, especially as all Tate's improve massively for a run.
Trainer TomTate has done a fine job with this juvenile, who has held his form consistently well since June.
Another popular choice is tomtate. If live bait isn't your forte, a large bucktail or mylar jig with a whole squid can be killer on the grouper.
In fact, reef fishes (e.g., vermilion snapper, red porgy, and tomtate [Haemulon aurolineatum]) that were smaller (<350 mm TL) in size and lower in value than red snapper composed the majority (54.9%) of the total catch for trips taken during the red snapper closed season.