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Noun1.tonal language - a language in which different tones distinguish different meaningstonal language - a language in which different tones distinguish different meanings
natural language, tongue - a human written or spoken language used by a community; opposed to e.g. a computer language
contour language - a tone language that uses pitch changes
register language - a tone language that uses different voice registers
tonal system, tone system - the system of tones used in a particular language or dialect of a tone language
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Linguists note that it is the only living fully tonal language among the Indo-European family of languages.
A Nigerian band, 'Right rhythm', entertained the crowd with 'talking drums', a set of West African drums which were beaten to transmit a tonal language. A Qatar-based artiste, Gloria, also performed during the show.
Borlongan would render them with both strangeness and humor, his distortions lending an air of caricature-like unreality to Manila's absurdities we're all too accustomed to.His later works, succeeding his move from Manila to Zambales with Plet in 2002, acquired a lighter tonal language.
As mentioned above, most reported studies have explored the features of English, a nontonal language, while limited attention has been paid to Mandarin, a tonal language spoken by many people.
Although equally abstract in tonal language and structure they are, to my mind, completely differ-rent.
Michaud has succeeded in creating a great variety of colours and a clear, intense and very lyrical tonal language, even from the percussion.
Deutsch surmises that learning perfect pitch is, for fluent speakers of a tonal language, akin to learning a second tone language.
In the third movement of "Apparebit Repentina Dies'' Hindemith uses the popular Baroque form, passacaglia, and he sets the fourth movement in the style of a Bach chorale, though in a more modern tonal language.
The importance of the mother tongue for propagation of the Gospel is further underscored by Erika Eichholzer's essay, "Missionary Linguistics on the Gold Coast," in which attention to learning of the vernacular, despite initial difficulties in learning a tonal language, had a huge payoff, as demonstrated in Johannes Christaller's example with the Twi language among the Akan of Ghana.
Musicianship, another form of auditory expertise, also extends to benefits of speech processing; musicians who are nontonal language speakers have enhanced pitch tracking to linguistically relevant vowel contours, similar to that of tonal language speakers [31].
IsiXhosa is a tonal language, meaning that the same sequence of speech sounds can have a different meaning depending on whether a high or low tone is used.
Yoruba is a tonal language that employs the use of a combination of diacritics and Roman alphabets to make up for the full representation of the entire Yoruba alphabets on any keyboard.