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Noun1.tonal pattern - the perception of pleasant arrangements of musical notestonal pattern - the perception of pleasant arrangements of musical notes
musical perception - the auditory perception of musical sounds
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Curiously, this system of coding was also reflected in the use of "talking" drums and other instruments, which imitated the tonal patterns of West African languages; since completely different sentences could have the same tonal pattern, interpreting these traditionally depended on the listener's familiarity with the repertoire of proverbs the performers were likely to use.
This allows them to visualize and understand the tonal pattern set before them.
By the late 1890s he had developed, as Dr Baron says, 'a method of description based on strongly stated tonal pattern achieved by extracting .
Although this kind of tonal pattern is not uncommon in Wang Rong's poems, it is very rare that it appears twice and consecutively in one single poem.
Sometimes closural gestures end a work in which other types of closure are absent or ambiguous, and sometimes the rhetoric of closure is not present, even while the completion of a tonal pattern strongly suggests tonal closure.
Effects of female and male vocal stimuli, tonal pattern length, and age on vocal pitch-matching abilities of young children from England and the United States.
They also should be able to sing the keynote of a tonal pattern or song presented by the teacher.
In addition, rhythm and tonal pattern instruction would continue to help students develop a music vocabulary.
For instance, one member of the Martex family is Montage, which consists of warp threads printed in an abstract wash of soft color, then woven into a jacquard pattern featuring roses and twining vines, creating a tonal pattern that has a soft, brushed or worn effect.
Simple, geographic tonal patterns seem to do the best, Dennard added, and consumers also want bright colors.
With rhythmic and tonal patterns originating in West Africa, blues was birthed in the African American-dominated south, became a national craze in the 1910s, and to this day, continues to influence the global music market.
Skill 5: Improvise tonal patterns over the harmonic progression.