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Noun1.tonal system - the system of tones used in a particular language or dialect of a tone languagetonal system - the system of tones used in a particular language or dialect of a tone language
tonal language, tone language - a language in which different tones distinguish different meanings
phonologic system, phonological system - the system of phones used in a particular language
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Borrowing the term "modulation" from tonal harmony for these highly diverse procedures may suggest a non-existent uniformity; it also suggests that no disruption or alienation is involved, as if it were all part of the musical toolbox, just as modulation is a constitutive element of the tonal system. This tendency to neutralize the disruptive and to familiarize the alien is very explicitly present in Banfield's introductory essay.
In this paper I refer to twentieth-century counterpoint, which emerged as a reaction to the tonal system; the Grove Dictionary of Music Online reads "The emphasis on counterpoint in music after 1910 can be seen as a corollary of the diminishing importance of tonal harmony.
It is extremely rich phonetically, and employs a very subtle and complicated tonal system. It uses a rich grammar, and very complicated ideograms, which can be counted in thousands.
The current paper focuses on Livonian quantity and tonal system. The paper deals with the Courland Livonian spoken on the Livonian Coast in Latvia.
Gieskes notes that Robbe-Grillet bases his films of the 1960s on the variable rules of games, in order to expose and replace conventional orders, talks about the orders underlying his novels and films in terms of information theory, drawing analogies between musical structure and the repetition and variation of his own novels and films, (1) and compares the traditional narrative system in literature to the tonal system: the Nouveau Roman successfully defies the literary equivalent of the tonal system.
In general, ornaments, such as appoggiaturas, function for Messiaen as vital dissonance in his tonal system. Though the notes of the appoggiatura do not belong, properly, to the tonal system established by the chord, "they are indispensable to the expressive and contrapuntal life of music; let us preserve them by enlarging them." (22) The first melodic appoggiatura resolves to the sixth (E) of the chord on the dominant (G).
demonstrate their representation system at work in both analysis and composition, with output from computer programs, and conclude that it is possible and useful to represent music in a way independent of the particular style, tonal system, etc., of the music itself.
He was indeed steeped in tradition, more so as he aged, and he had no intention of overthrowing the past-though he did intend to overthrow the tonal system, and in private said so.
Each Han dialect has its own tonal system with differing numbers of tones.
I think that there are logical ways things are going to progress, and that any tonal system that begins to modulate to farther and farther regions is eventually going to break down.
(38.) In this period "transposition" indicated the movement of a whole tonal system up a fourth, through the introduction of a flat (e.g., moving the first mode from its natural position on D up to G with a flat signature -- a shift that does not alter the disposition of the mode).
No longer based on the tradition of major and minor scales, what we call the tonal system, but on a new, seemingly mathematical and artificial means of organization--twelve-note serialism--this music is not readily singable or easily memorable upon waking; at best it is appreciated, at worst it is alienating, rarely is it actually `loved'.