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 (tŏn′dō, tôn′-)
n. pl. ton·di (-dē) also ton·dos
A round painting, relief, or similar work of art.

[Italian, short for rotondo, round, from Latin rotundus; see rotund.]


n, pl -di (-diː)
(Art Terms) a circular easel painting or relief carving
[C19: from Italian: a circle, shortened from rotondo round]


(ˈtɒn doʊ; It. ˈtɔn dɔ)

n., pl. -di (-dē).
a round painting or relief.
[1885–90; < Italian: plate, circle, round painting, derivative of the adj.: round, by aphesis from rotondo < Latin rotundus; see rotund]
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Susan Tondi has been hired by North Central Bank of Illinois as a mortgage loan officer.
Tondi has 16 years of banking experience and is especially knowledgeable in the areas of consumer and real estate lending.
In the opening chapters, Olson provides a visual background and prototypes for tondi by drawing heavily upon texts by Johannes Bolten and Rudolf Winkes, among others, concerning the imago clipeata.
These included Gerolamo Corradi, Petro Antonio Guerzo de Crema, Tondo di Tondi,(13) Polidoro, Benedetto Ferrari, and Bartolino Topina "dicto el Filosofo."