tone deafness

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Noun1.tone deafness - an inability to distinguish differences in pitchtone deafness - an inability to distinguish differences in pitch
deafness, hearing loss - partial or complete loss of hearing
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Combined with other turbulent water (ad fraud, #MeToo and diversity tone deafness, ad blocking, etc.), many agency leaders are invariably prompting an existential question: What does it actually mean to be an advertising agency today?
There is tone deafness that affects a substantial part of the population.
I suffer from a condition called complete and utter tone deafness for which I was certain there is no cure.
And it shows surprising tone deafness, more likely to be expected from the billionaires the Obamas have vacationed with these past months than from a president keenly attuned to the worries and resentments of the 99 percent.
This 514-page book will give students the tools they need, such as defining what music is, the three basic elements of sound, how to cure tone deafness, rhythm theory, basic and advanced harmony, and more.
Duterte has since apologized.) The Anti-Defamation League, an international Jewish group based in the United States, said his comments were 'shocking for their tone deafness.' It added: 'It is baffling why any leader would want to model himself after such a monster.'
DUH may be associated with abnormalities of hair, teeth, nails, and various other systems,8 high tone deafness,6 small stature,6 and ocular albinism.
But we're most puzzled by the tone deafness of university administrators.
Congenital amusia is commonly known as tone deafness but affects music memory and recognition and the ability to tap in time to music as well as pitch issues.
Gaffney's tone deafness to Black Lives Matter's essential grievance -- unjust police policies and practices -- was stunning at the time.