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Noun1.tone system - the system of tones used in a particular language or dialect of a tone languagetone system - the system of tones used in a particular language or dialect of a tone language
tonal language, tone language - a language in which different tones distinguish different meanings
phonologic system, phonological system - the system of phones used in a particular language
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(15) This five-tone variety was the tone system of the prestige form of Mandarin predominant in the Ming and Qing Guanhua koine language of the officials.
The next town over or next region over is using a different tone system, so the words would be written differently," says Mark Sicoli, a Georgetown University linguist whose work focuses on Zapotec and other Otomanguean languages of Mesoamerica.
On the other hand, the tone system of Cantonese is acoustically denser than that of Mandarin and there is significant overlap in pitch height and slope for the Cantonese tones.
For today's research purposes these sources still contain valuable information on issues such as the development of the tone system, the musical temperament, the classification of musical types, musical time and meter, types of compositions and styles of performance, and the techniques of playing musical instruments.
In this paper, we present an analysis of the tone system of Tiriki, a Bantu language spoken in Kenya and previously undescribed in the linguistic literature.
Hucbald's classifications of the toni are related to the ancient Greek tone system, and thus form the "first witness to the direct conjunction of ancient Greek theory and chant notation" (p.
The problems that he encountered in using this method, and the questions he asked concerning the transcription of music from recordings, are ones that continue to be debated by ethnomusicologists today, for example: 'Is a written recording of native melodies using our [Western] tone system possible or does the existence of the natives' own tone system make such an undertaking impossible?' (p.
In New York City, Liberty Cable Television and New York Telephone are cooperating on cable television on telephone lines that will result in the nation's first video dial tone system. Freed from dependence on the schedules of traditional broadcast channels and cable systems, subscribers will be able to choose what they want to view and when they want to see it.
- influenced, " neoclassical " style, but he adopted some elements of Schoenberg 's twelve - tone system after its appearance early in the century.
Topics of the 12 papers include a typology of postlexical tonal neutralizations, a typology of tone system changes, common tone Sandhi processes across Sino-Tibetan languages, tonal neutralization in the Ikema dialect of Miyako Ryukyuan, and bilingualism and accent changes in Kagoshima Japanese.
Speech recognition also requires much more work on the voice user interface (VUI) than would a touch tone system's menu, says Ken Waln, CTO for Edify.