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tong 1

 (tông, tŏng)
tr.v. tonged, tong·ing, tongs
To seize, hold, or manipulate with tongs.

[Back-formation from tongs.]

tong 2

 (tông, tŏng)
1. A Chinese association or political party.
2. An association or a secret society of Chinese in the United States, believed to be involved in organized crime.

[Cantonese tong4, assembly hall, familial relationship between cousins, from Middle Chinese tɦaŋ (also the source of Mandarin táng).]
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vb (tr)
1. to gather or seize with tongs
2. (Hairdressing & Grooming) to curl or style (hair) with curling tongs


(Historical Terms) (formerly) a Chinese secret society or association, esp one popularly assumed to engage in criminal activities
[C20: from Chinese (Cantonese) t'ong meeting place]
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(tɔŋ, tɒŋ)

1. tongs.
2. to lift, seize, gather, hold, or handle with tongs, as logs or oysters.
3. to use, or work with, tongs.
[before 900; Middle English tong(e), Old English, c. Old Frisian tange, Old Saxon tanga, Old High German zanga, Old Norse tǫng]


(tɔŋ, tɒŋ)

1. (in China) an association, society, or political party.
2. (among Chinese living in the U.S.) a fraternal or secret society, often associated with criminal activities.
[1880–85, Amer.; < dial. Chinese (Guangdong) tòhng, akin to Chinese táng meeting hall]
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Past participle: tonged
Gerund: tonging

I tong
you tong
he/she/it tongs
we tong
you tong
they tong
I tonged
you tonged
he/she/it tonged
we tonged
you tonged
they tonged
Present Continuous
I am tonging
you are tonging
he/she/it is tonging
we are tonging
you are tonging
they are tonging
Present Perfect
I have tonged
you have tonged
he/she/it has tonged
we have tonged
you have tonged
they have tonged
Past Continuous
I was tonging
you were tonging
he/she/it was tonging
we were tonging
you were tonging
they were tonging
Past Perfect
I had tonged
you had tonged
he/she/it had tonged
we had tonged
you had tonged
they had tonged
I will tong
you will tong
he/she/it will tong
we will tong
you will tong
they will tong
Future Perfect
I will have tonged
you will have tonged
he/she/it will have tonged
we will have tonged
you will have tonged
they will have tonged
Future Continuous
I will be tonging
you will be tonging
he/she/it will be tonging
we will be tonging
you will be tonging
they will be tonging
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been tonging
you have been tonging
he/she/it has been tonging
we have been tonging
you have been tonging
they have been tonging
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been tonging
you will have been tonging
he/she/it will have been tonging
we will have been tonging
you will have been tonging
they will have been tonging
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been tonging
you had been tonging
he/she/it had been tonging
we had been tonging
you had been tonging
they had been tonging
I would tong
you would tong
he/she/it would tong
we would tong
you would tong
they would tong
Past Conditional
I would have tonged
you would have tonged
he/she/it would have tonged
we would have tonged
you would have tonged
they would have tonged
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References in classic literature ?
KERGUELEN, MARK BOAT reports last call from Cymena freighter(Gayer Tong Huk & Co.) taking water and sinking in snow-storm South McDonald Islands.
She would frown, and carrying it downstairs, as if she had it in the tongs, replace it on its bookshelf.
You couldn't get her to take a-holt of one of them with the tongs. And if she turned over and found one in bed she would scramble out and lift a howl that you would think the house was afire.
What he preferred above all other things was the tongs. This was because his "father" had forbidden him to have them lest he break windows and furniture with them.
I was so ragged and dirty, that you wouldn't have touched me with a pair of tongs.'
Every one knows what a multitude of things --beds, sauce-pans, knives and forks, shovels and tongs, napkins, nut-crackers, and what not, are indispensable to the business of housekeeping.
He put the ham in the middle of the floor, and hit it with the tongs and with the shovel--bang, bang, smash, smash!
His thick black moustaches, curled every morning with hot tongs by the barber at the corner of the quay, seemed to hide a perpetual smile.
Meg wanted a few curls about her face, and Jo undertook to pinch the papered locks with a pair of hot tongs.
In half a minute I was as naked as a pair of tongs! And dear, dear, to think of it: I was the only embarrassed person there.
correspondence, which they took with tongs, dipped it in sea water,
In charge of it was the lean, grizzled, leatherskinned Sir Jules de Vac, and it was he whom Henry commanded to face him in mimic combat with the foils, for the King wished to go with hammer and tongs at someone to vent his suppressed rage.