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Noun1.tongue fern - east Asian fern having fronds shaped like tonguestongue fern - east Asian fern having fronds shaped like tongues; sometimes placed in genus Cyclophorus
fern - any of numerous flowerless and seedless vascular plants having true roots from a rhizome and fronds that uncurl upward; reproduce by spores
genus Pyrrosia, Pyrrosia - epiphytic or lithophytic or terrestrial ferns of tropical Old World
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Structured types such as shuttlecock ferns and the hart's tongue fern can be used in blocks or combined with others to create a textured tapestry of green to replace lawns and borders for a contemporary feel.
Choose evergreen ferns such as the native Hart's Tongue Fern and the soft shield fern Polystichum setiferum.
POLYPODIUM is often accompanied by the upright shuttlecocks of Asplenium scolopendrium, also known as the hart's tongue fern. Although it is not much taller than the polypody, it creates a much more architectural effect.
The site, which is known to be home to a colony of scarce Green Hairstreak butterflies and rare Adders Tongue Fern, will be monitored by Kirklees Council's countryside officers and there are hopes to turn it in to an official nature reserve.
The island, which is accessible to the general public, is close to the site of the only Upper Triassic dinosaur footprint found in the UK and is a haven for plants not usually found in the area, including the rare bee orchid, marine spleenwort and the adders tongue fern.
crotalophoroides Walter--BULBOUS ADDER'S TONGUE FERN. Figure 8e, 8f.
You could have as pleniums (Hart's Tongue fern) at the bottom, which grow in walls or any hedgerow, euonymus above it, which is a horizontal plant but if planted in a living wall will turn up.
Plants that immediately spring to mind include hostas, Crocus tommasinianus, Convallaria majalis (lily-of-the-valley) and two evergreens - Asplenium scolopendrium (hearts tongue fern) and Iris foetidissima.
Hart's tongue fern does well in dry conditions DESPITE having our fair share of rain through the summer months, this sort of rain doesn't always dampen the soil.
However, some of our native evergreen ferns will do very well in dry shade, such as hart's tongue fern, Asplenium scolopendrium, Polystichum setiferum, the soft shield fern and the common polypody Polypode vulgare.