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He informed me that the tongue-and-groove boards installed in the dry winter climate had swelled in the moist summer.
Position it so the back edge is flush with the back of the tongue-and-groove boards, and the ends overhang the sides equally.
The flooring came next as 2- by 6-inch tongue-and-groove boards were nailed to the floor joists, making sure they fit the bed stakes along the sides.
Your tongue-and-groove boards (and the timber you''ll need for the battens, see below) must be allowed to acclimatise in the room in which you plan to use them for at least two weeks.
The battens should be at 90 degrees to the tongue-and-groove boards.
Pitac has five lines running in Dubai since 2003, making flat structural panels and tongue-and-groove boards for temporary housing.
The flooring is made by gluing bamboo stalks together and milling them into tongue-and-groove boards.
The tongue-and-groove boards were then given two coats of white gloss, while the dado rail was painted bright pink.