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Adj.1.tonguelike - resembling a tongue in form or functiontonguelike - resembling a tongue in form or function
tongued - provided with or resembling a tongue; often used in combination; "tongued shoes"; "tongued boards"; "toungued lightning"; "long-tongued"
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The glossy, crinkly green tonguelike fronds also come with fancy variations.
Low-grade endometrial stromal tumors usually demonstrate a characteristic vascular network of small arterioles and tonguelike growth pattern.
Next, a bottle of Kwatro Kantosa pleasantly salty libation of gin and preserved calamansiis served as palate cleanser and a tambaystyle companion to pulutan of kwekkwekinspired smoked quail egg, cooked sousvide so that it dissolves on the tonguelike velvet smoke, and a chicken meatball served in a shell with a Mandarin orange foam and salmon roe.