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n. pl. To·nys
A trademark for an award presented by the American Theatre Wing for excellence in the production and creation of Broadway shows.


also ton·ey  (tō′nē)
adj. ton·i·er, ton·i·est Informal
Marked by an elegant or exclusive manner or quality: a tony country club.

[From tone.]


adj, tonier or toniest
informal US and Canadian stylish or distinctive; classy
[C20: from tone]


n, pl Tonies or Tonys
(Theatre) any of several medallions awarded annually in the United States by a professional school for the performing arts for outstanding achievement in the theatre
[from Tony, the nickname of Antoinette Perry (died 1946), US actress and producer]


(ˈtoʊ ni)

adj. ton•i•er, ton•i•est.
high-toned; stylish; swank: a tony nightclub.
[1875–80, Amer.]


(ˈtoʊ ni)

n., pl. -nys.
one of a group of awards given annually by the American Theatre Wing for superior achievements in production and performance in the Broadway theater.
[1947; after the nickname of U.S. actress and producer Antoinette Perry (1888–1946)]
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also toney
Informal. Being or in accordance with the current fashion:
Informal: classy, in, sharp, snappy, swish, trendy.
Slang: with-it.


[ˈtəʊnɪ] ADJ (US) → de buen tono, elegante
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Joseph Ianniello will participate in a Q&A session at the event, scheduled for March 12 at 8am at The Breakers Palm Beach, the toniest lodging available in what many may consider "Bel-Air on the Beach."
Renovations, meanwhile, are underway at her other C$16.3 million mansion in one of Vancouver's toniest neighborhoods, where a truck from a high-end closet designer was parked outside recently.
Restaurateurs at Long Island's toniest hotels and lodging spots seemingly offer an unspoken promise: Dine here and we will surpass your every expectation through food, drink and ambiance.
In campaign speeches and interviews, he often says it wasn't until his 20s that he had heard of Kavanaugh Boulevard, which runs along some of the city's toniest neighborhoods and shops.
Who needs the Imprimatur of a museum when you can commandeer a capacious town house in Manhattan's toniest neighborhood and drop by to tweak the fruits of your life's work when the spirit moves you?
The former film student draws inspiration from a diverse array of sources--from Tim Burton to Luis Barragan--and from her offices in Belgravia, London's toniest neighborhood, Bernerd oversees a growing staff of architects and designers who help realize the environments she conceives.
The brand Kingfisher was valued at over Rs 4,000 crore by Grant Thornton when the carrier was at its peak being the biggest and the toniest, and was pledged with the lenders in 2011, as collateral for additional loans.
Those $98 pants now hang in a display case at Spanx's snazzy new 86,000-square-foot offices in Buckhead, Atlanta's toniest neighborhood, where we met for this story.
That's the reasoning of author Wednesday Martin, and she puts it to the test in Primates of Park Avenue, her account of six years as a wife and mother in Manhattan's toniest neighborhood.
The group behind some of New York's toniest restaurants is looking for a seat at the table in Harlem.
As many as 22 geese died in the past fortnight around Sukhna lake in Chandigarh, which is close to the administrative hub of Punjab, Haryana and Union Territory of Chandigarh and also some of the toniest residential areas of the city.
Ironically, as one reaches the toniest part of the Western suburbs, a faux-urban village appears, complete with Whole Foods and Trader Joe's markets, sidewalks, and mixed-use apartment buildings.