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 (tə-nō′, tŏn′ō′)
n. pl. ton·neaus
1. The rear seating compartment of an early type of automobile.
2. A tight-fitting removable cover, as for the cargo box of a pickup truck, the seating area of a convertible, or the cockpit of a boat.

[French, from Old French tonnel, cask; see tunnel.]


n, pl -neaus or -neaux (-nəʊ; -nəʊz)
1. (Automotive Engineering)
a. a detachable cover to protect the rear part of an open car when it is not carrying passengers
b. a similar cover that fits over all the passenger seats, but not the driver's, in an open vehicle
2. (Automotive Engineering) rare the part of an open car in which the rear passengers sit
[C20: from French: special type of vehicle body, from Old French tonnel cask, from tonne tun]



n., pl. -neaus, -neaux (-ˈnoʊz)
a rear part or compartment of an automobile body, containing seats for passengers.
[1900–05; < French: literally, cask; Old French tonel. See tunnel]


n (Aut)
(of car)hinterer Teil (mit Rücksitzen/Rückbank)
(also tonneau cover)Verdeck nt
References in classic literature ?
He still admired Claire intensely and experienced disturbing emotions when he beheld her perfect tonneau and wonderful headlights; but he regarded her with a cautious fear.
I can stick it in front with you, and we can cover - him up in the tonneau.
In 2013, it took part in seven different events - the last entry in its history before 2016, when it was repainted dark blue and trimmed with burgundy leather and a new hood, tonneau and sidescreens were fitted.
The vehicle features matte black paintwork with a brown soft top and gold trim and wheels, while the rear tonneau cover has two nacelles.
A rule is a verbal description of a behavioral contingency (either manifest or covert) that can affect our behavior in a similar way to the described contingencies themselves (Alcaraz, 1990; Mowrer, 1954; Stemmer, 1973; Tonneau, 2004; Tonneau & Gonzalez, 2004).
Poindexter is a diversified manufacturing company, with operating subsidiaries engaged in the production of commercial truck and van bodies, step-vans, service/utility truck and van bodies, funeral coaches, limousines, pick-up truck caps and tonneau covers, precision machined components and expandable foam plastics.
The tonneau itself provides the most significant example of Bentley craftsmanship at its finest.
Specializes in making and fitting boat covers, tonneau covers, seat and console covers, enclosures for sport fishing boats and fighting chair covers, dinghy covers , upholster for boats from 20' -250' all styles and types.
However, the good news is that Fold-a-Cover tonneau solutions provide total cargo security from theft.
Useful features like a one-touch Easy-Flat folding rear seat system, a dual-level loadspace floor and a two-way tonneau cover - standard on Icon, Sport and Excel grades - add to the car's appeal.
Of the two, one is the Malte collection of tonneau shape while the other is the Overseas Chronograph.
Other lots include a 1904 Richard Brasier side-entrance Tonneau and a 1904 Wolseley twin-cylinder Tonneau.