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The cytoplasmic membrane that surrounds a vacuole of a plant cell. Also called vacuolar membrane.

[Greek tonos, string, tension; see ten- in Indo-European roots + -plast.]


(Botany) botany the membrane enclosing a vacuole in a plant cell
[C20: from Greek tonos tone + -plast]


(ˈtɒn əˌplæst, ˈtoʊ nə-)

a membrane separating a vacuole from the surrounding cytoplasm in a plant cell.
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Quantitative proteomics of the tonoplast reveals a role for glycolytic enzymes in salt tolerance.
charge balancing across the membranes of different cell organelles, particularly plasma membrane and tonoplast, and as osmoticum in stomatal regulation by maintenance of guard cells turgidity (Mengel, 2007).
2], through some members of plasma membrane intrinsic proteins (PIPs), Nodulin 26-like intrinsic proteins (NIPs), X-intrinsic proteins (XIPs), and tonoplast intrinsic proteins (TIPs) in plants (Bienert et al.
1] are localized in the tonoplast membrane, and their transcript levels are up-regulated by salinity stress [18].
The V-ATPase creates an electrochemical proton gradient across the tonoplast, which is used for secondary-active solute uptake mediated by specific transporters, as well as is pivotal to pH homeostasis of the cytoplasm.
The tonoplast selectively acts to determine what gets in and out of the vacuole.
It is postulated that TRIA increases the ratio of L (+)- to D(-)- adenosine at the tonoplast and the most probable source of adenosine is AMP, derived from ADP or ATP (Ries 1991).