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The cytoplasmic membrane that surrounds a vacuole of a plant cell. Also called vacuolar membrane.

[Greek tonos, string, tension; see ten- in Indo-European roots + -plast.]


(Botany) botany the membrane enclosing a vacuole in a plant cell
[C20: from Greek tonos tone + -plast]


(ˈtɒn əˌplæst, ˈtoʊ nə-)

a membrane separating a vacuole from the surrounding cytoplasm in a plant cell.
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One OSHIR1 (E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase) is involved in As and Cd uptake (Hasan et al., 2017) by interacting with OsTIP4;1 a tonoplast intrinsic protein in the plasma membrane.
2015), the tonoplast intrinsic protein TIP41 gene of Pennisetum glaucum (L.) showed the highest stability in another study (SAHA & BLUMWALD, 2014), and the glucosidase II a-subunit gene of Populus euphratica was most stable under drought stress (WANG et al.
These projections in the tannin cells were visible in de-astringent fruits and are associated to the mechanic effect in the tonoplast created by the polymerization of the tannins during the process of astringency reduction (Salvador et al., 2007).
is SUT1, SUT2, SUT3, SUT4, SUT5, SUT6 have been proposed that encode protein located in the plasma membrane and tonoplast in sorghum genome (Braun and Slewinski, 2009).
vonWiren, "AtIREG2 encodes a tonoplast transport protein involved in iron-dependent Ni detoxification in Arabidopsis thaliana roots," Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
Biological processes such as water uptake, nitrogen mobilization, tonoplast membrane flexibility, and increase in plasma and synthesis of sugar contribute to cellular expansion [29].
reported that treatment of garlic cloves with 5% (v/v) acetic acid resulted in significant tonoplast damage and a concomitant increase in the concentration of thiosulfinates [6].
Generally, K plays important functions in plant systems by activation of more than 80 enzymes involved in different metabolic processes including photosynthesis, protein synthesis, respiration etc., charge balancing across the membranes of different cell organelles, particularly plasma membrane and tonoplast, and as osmoticum in stomatal regulation by maintenance of guard cells turgidity (Mengel, 2007).
It takes into account cell wall, vacuole, and tonoplast. In Figure 5, the components [R.sub.1], [R.sub.2], and [R.sub.3] represent the cell wall resistance, cytoplasm resistance, and vacuole resistance.
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